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News Archive for October 2002

"Screenshot Of new Map By Cat"
  posted October 31 - 4:16PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cat is working on a new map called Stomping Ground. The map is a convertion from the Quake 2 Mission Pack: The Reckoning. Should be out very soon.

Btw, it's Cat's birthday today so Happy Birthday from everyone at KingpinForever :)

While we wait for this map to be released why not check out his other maps:-

Constructive Carnage
Industrial Circuit
Neglected Province
Brutal District

"6 Map Reviews Added"
  posted October 31 - 12:59PM EDT by DirtyDog
6 new Map reviews on some recently released maps have just been submitted, click on our map review section from the nav bar on the right or just click here: Map Reviews.

For the time being I am still hosting and maintaining this site until it is ready to be moved to KPF but it's about 90% done thanks to TruZenZuZeX[BC] so a new format for these reviews is soon to come :)

"New Map By Pencho"
  posted October 30 - 3:49PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Pencho has submitted his new map called Downhere. Its a small DM map set in a dilapidated toilet block. It uses a few custom textures, has enough weapons and armour and the layout should lead to some fast paced games. The r_speeds are a bit high in a couple of places (1100) but nothing to really worry about. You can grab this one from here.

Pencho has created several maps for Kingpin including DM Camphouse, which is a small map which includes two small building and has a mainly outdoor rocky style, and DM Dissociate, a medium sized industrial style map. Be sure to check out all his maps at his webpage Pencho's DTT.

DM Camphouse & DM Dissociate

"Monkey Mod 1.51a Released"
  posted October 29 - 3:42PM EDT by Mr.Damage
TiCaL has released v1.51a of the Monkey Mod. Changes from monkey cds 1.51 to monkey cds 1.51a are:-
  • small bug fix
    - there was a conflict with some of the code which made people use
    gl_polyblend hack without getting kicked, now this is fixed.

  • timeouts
    - decreased the chance of timeouts by optmizing the server side check
    code and also by making the server check you several times (not just
    once) before it marks you as timed out. Also timeout time increased to 20 seconds.
You can grab updated server files for both Windows & Linux from the Monkey Mod Website.
The client file remains th same (rev.8) and can also be downloaded from the MM webpage.

"New DM map by Cat"
  posted October 28 - 11:27PM EDT by DirtyDog
Cat has just submitted a new DM map entitled Constructive Carnage

QUOTE: The idea of this map came from simply thinking what themes are there a shortage of. A construction site was one idea. Those who enjoy climbings things and being at the top sjould enjoy this map. R_speeds are not as good as in other maps I have made previously, but should be playable. The average R_Speed is from 600, the highest I found in one spot was 1090, but is very hard to gain that area and should not effect the game play.If I get a chance, I will try to fix some bugs that are found by others and attempt to reduce the R_speeds. Hope you enjoy this map. >8)

The map's packed with weapons and spawns and looks great, download it from here: Constructive Carnage

"Another DM map by Zeppelin[FnR]"
  posted October 28 - 2:18AM EDT by DirtyDog
Zeppelin[FnR] has just released another beta version of a Q2 map he converted and retextured entitled: Cold Arena Like his previous map this has a smooth layout, plenty of weapons and looks good. It has some custom sounds as well so download it from here: Cold Arena

"Updated player models"
  posted October 28 - 2:09AM EDT by DirtyDog
Hexed[A.D.] has added full viewable weapon support for his two models Dr. DeAth & DeaDLocK. These are really cool models and with viewable weapon support they are perfect. Download from here: Dr. DeaTh and DeaDLocK

"KP2 MOD Update for Halloween"
  posted October 27 - 5:28PM EDT by NeWFnlou
{NeW}EAST! the KP2 MOD Server is taking a "break" for Halloween and is running standard KPDM with maps from the HALLOWEEN MAP PACK graciously put together by Mr Damage In the meantime, there is an exciting KP2 MOD update submitted by our mapper Whoop_Ass which you should read all about by clicking right HERE and then choosing "Latest News". Happy Halloween folks and look for the KP2 MOD Server to be back up November 1st!

"MD2 Versions Of Four Models Released"
  posted October 26 - 7:44PM EDT by Mr.Damage
HEXED[A.D.] has released the MD2 versions of the four models he converted from Quake2 to help ppl learn how to model for KP and make it easier to create skins for them:-

I've released the MD2 version of 4 models I made a while ago for people wanting to experiment with kingpin modelling - the models are Deadlock , Dr.Death , Dragonlord , & Executioner , they are in my downloads section at www.teamad.net , im sure some would like experimenting with these.

Two of the models, Dragonlord & Executioner have full Kingpin vweap support while Deadlock & Dr Death don't.

I have also uploaded them to our Player Models Download Section:-


Of course, if you just want to use these models in game then you can just download the normal versions:-


To install the normal versions of Deadlock and DrDeath extract all the files to your kingpin/main/players folder.
Dragonlord and Executioner are .exe files so double click on the exe file and it brings up a small self extractor window. Then select your kingpin/main/players directory and click on the install button.

Dragonlord & Executioner

Deadlock & DrDeath

"New Map by Zeppelin[FnR]"
  posted October 26 - 12:32PM EDT by DirtyDog
Zeppelin[FnR]has just released a beta version of a DM Q2 map he just converted and retextured entitled: Eve of Destruction

This map has a very smooth layout, is well textured and has some really creepy custom sounds as well. For anyone participating in the scary maps rotations inspired by our own {NEW}FnLou and Mr.Damage, this map would fit right in. Download the map from here: Eve Of Destruction

"Halloween Map Pack"
  posted October 25 - 8:13PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Well in another coincidence, a few days ago Dantzer asked my to put a map pack together containing Halloween themed maps and to put the maps on the Detropolis server over Halloween. I thought about it for a while and then came up with twelve maps that I think fit the bill. I have put them into a Halloween map pack which you can grab from here.

The map pack contains the following maps:-

BloodBath XCemetary
EvilDeath2000 Rev2Goth1b
MausoleumMind of a Killer
O Holy Church

These maps contain many custom sounds that you wont get if you download from a game server. These sounds are all eerie and spooky sounds which really add to the atmosphere of the maps so make sure you grab the pack or individual maps from here :)

They are already rotating on the Detropolis server here:-

Detropolis Halloween Maps Gangbang IP# or click here for KPplug launch window.

Update26/10 I left the textures for the bloodbath_x map out of the map pack. So I have included them and uploaded the new version of the pack. I also discovered that the bloodbath_x zip we have at kp4ever didn't have the custom sounds in it so I have added them and uploaded it again.
If you d/led the map pack before I fixed it, all it means is that when you join a server running bloodbath_x you will have to d/l the textures . Alternately, you can d/l bloodbath_x from the list up above. Also if you downloaded bloodbath_x without the sounds you will need to d/l the updated version. Sorry about that.

"Another RioTZ Server"
  posted October 25 - 7:06PM EDT by Mr.Damage
My TopDawg server is now running RioTZv2.0a.

Its running the 3 default RioTZ maps and also the map in the RioTZ Map Pack. I will be adding more maps to the rotation soon.

You can get the RioTZ client files here and then jump into my server here:-

Mr Damage RioTZ 2.0a Server! IP#

RioTZ1 Map

"New Map By -=Mad-Dog=-"
  posted October 25 - 6:56PM EDT by Mr.Damage
-=Mad=-Dog=- has released a brand new map which is based on a really old classic:-

Anyone remember the old DOOM level Dead Simple? It was a fantastic map for fragging back in the day. Using the Serious Sam texture pack I've created a version of this classic for KP, calling it Dead Serious! 16 spawns, loads of weaps & ammo, and a shootable switch revealing a secret! This map also includes custom sky & sounds!

This is a really good looking map and I really like the sunlight effect in this map which Thief Dread helped -=Mad-Dog=- with. It's quite a coincidence that the other day I was playing a Quake3 version of DeadSimple and thinking this would go really good in KP :)

Anyways go grtab this one and add it to your collection from here.

"Spooky Kingpin Halloween!"
  posted October 25 - 5:27PM EDT by NeWFnlou
October 31st is HALLOWEEN NIGHT, the "spookiest" night of the year. In celebration of this coming "eve", it seems only fitting that we make an appropriate excuse to fill the servers with ghouls and gals and frag it up on some SPOOKY MAPS. Some possible ideas could be UNDYING1, SPOOKY2, and CEMETARY to name but a few. The idea is to get AT LEAST 10 of the "spookiest" or "scariest" maps gathered up, make a HALLOWEEN MAP PACK, and have all server admins participate on October 31st.

I have started a thread in our forums which you should visit right HERE Go ahead and nominate your favorites, and we'll see if we can get it done before the big "Fright Night".

Sound SPOOKY enough?

"RioTZV2.0A Server Up For Weekend"
  posted October 25 - 4:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There is an Aussie Keypoint RioTZV2.0A server up for the weekend :)
Its set up for 16 clients and is rotating the three default RioTZ maps plus the following maps:-

Italian Eve
Kingpin City
NightMareZ -=WreCKerZ In Da HouSe=-

So grab the RioTZ client files from here and drop in for a few games.

The server detaisl are:-
Keypoint & Kingpin Forever- RioTZ 2.0a IP#

Thnx to Zoltrix for putting the server up.

Btw I hope to have my TopDawg server running RioTZ in the next couple of days :)

"Team Hitmen League News"
  posted October 25 - 3:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Idiot has sent word that the Team Hitmen League has started:-

Hi, Idiot here, the Team Hitmen League is under way with the first set of matches to be played by the 3rd november and six matches every week after that with break for christmas.
All invloved with league would like to thank TopDawg web & game hosting for prizes and use of server, Atrophy for use of server, forum and Hitmen and not least TiCaL for his work for the kingpin community and the cds that the league is running. Thank You from us all.
You can visit the Team Hitmen League website here

It's great to see this League kick off and I hope it all goes well :)

"Chief_SohCahToa moves in"
  posted October 24 - 8:47PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Chief_SohCahToa aka Frank Petersen has moved in as one of our newest hosted sites.

If you remember he is the author the the Most Wanted MOD, and Gladiator. Most recently he has been working with Hogie on the Curse2 MOD along with AB|Fredz and others on the KP2 MOD.

He is still moving in, but you can drop by his site here and say hi!

"The Mask Player Model"
  posted October 24 - 5:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
While Homer Simpson is the most popular custom player model for Kingpin probably the craziest and funnest (sic) is The Mask converted to Kingpin by {GT}Sylacs. This model is a lot of fun and has some crazy looking animations. It comes with three skins and has full Kingpin vweap support (which means other players can see what weapon you are carrying). You can downlaod this model from here. Just extract all the files to your kingpin/main/players directory.
You can visit Sylacs' Modelling site here Sylacs Models & Design.

"New Hitmen Map By [LOC] XRaided"
  posted October 24 - 4:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
[LOC]XRaided has released a new map for the Hitmen mod called (b)Kill Zone(/b). This is a smallish multi-room map with a water theme running throughout. It has good thru-put so it should make for some fast paced action. Just keep in mind that this map is for the Hitmen mod so has no weapons or health in it. You can grab this map from here.

"RioTZ Map Pack"
  posted October 23 - 9:22AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have put the four maps made specifically for the RioTZ mod into a mappack. Any maps can be used in RioTZ but these were made/converted for the mod. The maps are:-

Riotalley by [YFS]omnI
Factoryriot by [YFS]omnI
AhypodoubleRZ by Hypov8
RioTZ Village converted by Mr Damage

You can get them all together in the map pack from here

KC Crime should have a RioTZv2.0a server up shortly and I am getting my TopDawg server changed over to RioTZ at the moment. I will post news when it is up and running.

"New COLORS CTF Server"
  posted October 23 - 9:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There is a new server running the COLORS CTF Mod. Details are:-

10 player server.

Grab the COLORS Client files from here
or broken into two smaller zips for slower connections:-

"RioTZv2.0a Kingpin Rocket Arena Released"
  posted October 22 - 5:32AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Yes that's right RioTZV2.0a Kingpin Rocket Arena has officially been released. As you know from my earlier post KC Crime asked for some coding help to get RioTZ back on the road and TnT Trash volunteered to help and jjaf also responded with some coding suggestions.
Well after only a short time and some frantic beta testing via a TnT supplied test server v2.0a is done.
Here are the changes from v1.0:-

* New setting to auto setup riotz server - use_riotz_defaults 1
* No self Damage as Riotz server
* No friendly fire as Riotz server
* No reloads as Riotz server
* No MOD for HMG
* Spawn with all weapons
* Spawn with full armor and ammo
* Hard coded so a team must win 5 round (out of a max 9)
* Server admin can set up as true rocket arena battle or even rockets
vs. rail with any combination of weaps

For those of you not familiar with the mod:-

The concept of RioTZ, Kingpin Rocket Arena is simple.
Put two players/Teams in an arena
Give them infinite weapons, ammo, and full armor.
Take away powerups.
Take away weapon pickups.
Take away ammo and armor pickups.
Take away everything except the enemy.
Then fight..... and see who's left standing.
Loser goes, winner stays, Nuff said.

In Riotz 2.0a we took away self damage and team damage so that Rocket and grenade jumping is possible and encouraged. This style of gameplay brings the fast and furious style of DM from the quake family games into the great DM physics of Kingpin.

You can get all the files you need from here:-

Full Install This includes all the files to run a RioTZ windows server and also includes the client files needed to play.
Client Files These are the files you need if you just want to play RioTZ.
Custom Skins RioTZ includes custom skins already but these are alternative skins made by DirtyDog{WC}.

Linux server files are expected to be released shortly.

"Favourtie Maps"
  posted October 22 - 4:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Wouldn't it be interesting to find out what all of you top10 favourite custom maps are and then make a map pack of the most popular choices. Well Cat has started a forum post in our mapping forum asking that very question. He has posted his top10 maps and asks for other ppl to post theirs. If enough people post a list of their favourite maps it should make for some lively debate and we should get a good cross section of styles and tastes. We can then make a map pack up of the most popular maps and maybe have a weekend where they are featured on several servers. Anyway its up to you guys, go post your favs or if not then at least we know Cat's top10 maps :)
This is the forum post here.

"KP2 MOD Update!"
  posted October 21 - 5:34PM EDT by NeWFnlou
I received word from Chief and Whoop_Ass regarding the status of the upcoming KP2 MOD revision. To read all about it, look to the menu on the right hand side of this site and click KP2 MOD or you can be lazy and just click right HERE. If you haven't already done so, please be sure and read the F.A.Q. regarding this project and then keep up to date by checking out the latest news. Hope to see ya in the server!!

"Homer Model Skin Pack"
  posted October 21 - 6:28AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As you know there are now many player models available for Kingpin. The most popular would have to be the Homer Simpson model. He is also one of the most skinned models as well. I have put all the skins I could find for Homer into one skin pack 2.9mg). It comes to about 40 skins, some converted form other games and some original. There are superhero skins, sporting skins, psychodelic skins, and a heap of others.
Of course you need the Homer Simpson model to use these skins and so you can grab all the Homer goodies from here:-

Homer Model Aaron Webster created Homer for Quake2 and TiCaL converted him to Kingpin
Homer Extras 2 hats (nacho hat and beer hat), sun glasses and a cigar, plus PJ's skin and CTF skins converted from Quake3
Baby Dummy A dummy to shut Homer up!
Homer Skin Pack Every skin I could find for Homer in one skin pack (apprximately 40 skins)

"Mappers Needed For Assassin Mod"
  posted October 19 - 10:32PM EDT by Mr.Damage
HEXED[A.D.] is looking for mappers to make some maps for his Assassin Mod. He is looking for maps in the classic urban city slum Kingpin style with single player props and breakables included (like in such mods as KP2 and COLORS CTF). If you would like to get involved and have your work featured in this mod you can contact HEXED[A.D.] vai email here.

Btw, you can get the client files for the Assassins mod from here and play the mod online here -
[A.D.]''s Assassin Mod IP#

"New Map By Cujo, Hypov8 & Mr Damage"
  posted October 18 - 7:27PM EDT by Mr.Damage
DM Italian Eve is finally finished! This is a couter-strike map conversion by Cujo, Hypov8 and me. Cujo some of the early work including obtaining the permission to convert the map to kingpin from the original author Torque[MOD], Hypo v8 converted the original textures and textured the map, did some rebuild work, lowered the R_speeds, did all the lighting , and then I finished it off.

This is a large map converted from cs which is set in an Italian village during nighttime. It uses the original cs textures which are quite stunning I think. It has 16 spawn points and ample weapons, ammo, armour etc. R_speeds are good and all below 800. There are lots of areas to frag in, some nice custom sounds and the original cs sky has been converted as well. You can grab this one from here.

This map uses several custom sounds and a custom sky. If you download this map form a game server you will not get these sounds or sky because Kingpin does not allow custom sounds or skies to be downloaded from servers. So I recommend you download it from KP4Ever. The map files are in zip format so you will need a program such as winzip to extract them (you can download an evaluation version from http://www.winzip.com/). The zip file has been setup so all you have to do is extract all the files to your Kingpin directory and all the files will end up where they are supposed to go. For those of you who have never used winzip just double click on the dm_italian_eve.zip which will open it up, then click on the extract button which opens a smaller extract window. Then select your kingpin directory in the folders/drives window. Then click on the extract button and all the files will be extracted and you have done it :)

"RioTZ Update"
  posted October 18 - 9:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage
TnT Trash volunteered to help KC Crime out with a new version of the RioTZ mod and jjaf also sent in some coding suggestions . Apparently work will start on the updated RioTZ this weeknd :)

"3D Kingpin Screenshots"
  posted October 18 - 9:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mr.Knoxville has sent in two cool 3D Kingpin Screenshots that he, AB|FREDZ and AB|Focy made. You need those old style red and green 3D Glasses to see them properly though.

"Revised Dm Map"
  posted October 18 - 8:33AM EDT by DirtyDog
I made some slight revisions to my recently released DM map, UrbaN WreCKagE. I Found an architectural error (as it turns out the func_rotating doors in the original wreckage.bsp open INTO a brush....not very realistic) so I expanded the adjacent wall (pretty simple fix really) While I was at it I moved a few light fixtures one pixel down (in an attempt to lower the r_speeds) and I redid the broken slabs by in the hallway as well as making the lift camper proof (thank you TruZ). Two areas in the map still have r_speeds that reach as high as 850 (actually ONE area goes that high, the other one goes up to 700) but I cant really change that without redesigning the whole area and we're certainly not going there.......hope u like it :) Download from here: Urban WreCKagE Revised

"The Play Series of Maps"
  posted October 18 - 4:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Recently Izeforeal asked me where he could get all of the 'play' maps from, which is when I realised we didn't have them in our map archive. So I have uploaded them all and they are now available for download. The play maps are a series of mostly smallish DM maps (plus two Bagman maps), that all have a unique style I think. Some of them are good while others are just crazy. The author's name is lost in the mists of time but they may have been Japenese as these maps used to be hosted on a Japenese Webpage that I beleive was called Gold or something similar. Most of you would probably be familiar with the first map play (Hole) and possible play6 (Wood Maps) but as you can see there are many others.

DM Maps
Play (Hole)
Play2 (Tower)Play3 (Tower2)
Play4 (Last Ware House)
Play6 (Wood Maps)Play7s (Open Place)
Play8 (HMG World)
Play9 (Hole2 Deluxe)Play10 (HMG World2)
Play11 (Small Arena)
Play12 (Big Place)Play13 (Gold Building)

Bagman Maps
Play5t (Team World Small)Play14 (Team Map Big)

Play (Hole) & Play2 (Tower)

Play6 (Wood Maps) & Play8 (HMG World)

"RioTZ Mod News"
  posted October 15 - 7:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
KC CRiME contacted me to let me know that he is very interested in resurrecting the RioTZ Mod:-

In Riotz 2.0 I want to take the game play away from the counter strike limited ammo feel with the weapons and bring it into a more straight across rocket arena game for Kingpin.
I mean all ammo and weapons (cept maybe flame thrower), full armor and a team DM setting. The main thing that would give tis style of play a dynamic feel to KP is the no self damage style of RA1 and RA2. This makes for some really neat manoeuvrs such as Rocket jumping and grenade
jumping. Talk about adding life to some of the vertical feel of even
the original KPDM maps.
Anyways the original Riotz code would already allow this I just need a
coder to add a couple of things, which could probably only take a few hours at most or so to code.

1. We need to remove the reload function of the game and just let the
weapons fire in thier natural intervals but with out the pause for
reload. <---*probably biggest code change*
2. Make the spawning ammo and weapons all maxed out or infinite.
3. Spawning armor and health full (already implemented)
4. Make round go until one team wins 5 rounds (maximum played 9 like Ra
5. No self Damage or falling damage

If there is a coder who is interersted and who feels we can code these things quickly we should implement them into Riotz and have a public Beta 2.0 so we can see how this style of play renews KP. I personally would like to see how rocket/grenade jumping adds dynamic to the original KPDM maps but also the riotz 1-3 maps as well. Oh also I think I will do, if not done already, A version or Quake 1 DM3 but with a KP feel and arrangement instead of just a direct port to see how it plays in KP.

So if you are a coder and are interested in helping get RioTZ going again let me know via email here and I will pass your details onto KC CRiME.

"PackScape Pakfile Editor"
  posted October 14 - 8:12AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded the PackScape Pakfile Editor to our Utilities Downloads Section. This utility allows you to explore the Pakfiles you have in your KP directory. You can view, import and export files, and create new pakfiles. You can grab this handy utility from here.

"TopDawg Update"
  posted October 14 - 8:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Topdawg Web & Game Hosting has just updated their FTP program, and is now up and operating. All clients will be notified of their new account and passwords, and they wish to thank all the people that showed patience during the upgrade.

Don't forget that if you are looking for someone to host a Kingpin server for you they will do it for very reasonable monthly rates.

  posted October 13 - 3:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have put the five custom maps made for the COLORS CTF Mod so far into a map pack.The five maps are:-

CTF Q3 Style (ctf_kdarena_beta) by Knockdown
CTF Lighthouse by Hogie
Gangsta's on Mars (ctf_mars) By Knockdown
Military Strongholds (ctf_ms_beta2) By Hogie
Raid (ctf_raid_beta2) by Dread

You can grab the map pack from here.

If you want to jump into a server for a game of CTF there are three servers running:-

Australia - Keypoint & Kingpin Forever - CTF v1.0a IP#
UK - Captain Deaths CTF V1.0a Server IP#
USA - TeaMXtReMe* Colors-CTF V1.0a Server IP#

If you don't have the client files you can get them from here:-

Full Install

or for slower connections:-


We are currently working on COLORS CTF v1.1 which will be released in the not too distant future.

"HUD colored armor skins"
  posted October 13 - 2:21AM EDT by DirtyDog
Thief|DreaD has just submited armor skins that match the HUD armor colors.

QUOTE: I've changed the colour of the armour to match the colour that would appear in your HUD when you pick it up. In other words, yellow for light armour and green for heavy armour. I created a new skin for the light head armour as there wasn't one in the original pak.

- Dread.

Download from here: HUD Colored Armor

"Updated Bagman Map "
  posted October 13 - 2:11AM EDT by DirtyDog
Thief|DreaD has just released a beta3 version of his recently released bagman map, Team_Raid

Added an extra lift for access to the balconies.
Change roof girders in the bases to make rocket jumping easier.
Replaced upstairs rocket launcher with an hmg and cooler.
Added a cooling mod on the bridge (raising the total from 2 to 5).
Added a rocket launcher on the balconies.
Made the bridge wider (again).
Changed cash spawn to cashbags.
Less health at the back of the bass and added some in the tunnel.
Adjusted respawn points and added 2 more.
Added an extra tommygun and shotgun to each base.
Added more ammo for all weapons.
Added pistol mods.
Adjusted and realigned a few textures.

Download from here: Team Raid Beta3

"New DM Map"
  posted October 12 - 11:30PM EDT by DirtyDog
I've just released a DM map entitled Urban WreCKagE

It's medium sized map loaded up with weapons and respawns and is suitable for all DM servers, download it from here: Urban WreCKagE

"New Killerz Mod Server"
  posted October 12 - 10:46PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have been running an Arsenal Mod server for the last week or so thanks to TopDawg Web & Game Hosting. What I found is that this is a really fun mod and there should be more servers running it.
Anyway, the reason I took up TopDawg's $20 CAD KP server offer for a month was to run a few mods that are not running elsewhere.

The next mod we are running is the Killerz Mod.
Killerz is another mod made by the Atrophy Mod Team and its a server side mod so no client files to download. Here are the details of the mod from the Atrophy webpage:-

Everyone starts with the normal set of weapons and a required value to become the Killer. Once you've killed that many people (3 frags is default) you become the big cheese and are instantly given full heavy armour and your health is set back to full. Whilst your the Killer you gain more points for killing any of the victims in the map as well as the standard 1 frag, but as a down side you also will lose more frags if you suicide. Additionally there is a slight problem in the fact that everyone is after you for they can't kill each other any more only you and they get their own bonus frags for twatting you :) The Killer is easy to find as he can be assigned a glow or other feature by the server helping you to spot him and his name will frequently be displayed on your screen.

I am running 17 small/medium sized custom maps on the server most of which are in these two map packs:-

Detropolis Map Pack
MrDamage Map Pack

The details of the server are:-

Mr.Damage killerz Server IP#

"We Want Your Screenies!!!"
  posted October 12 - 7:49AM EDT by NeWFnlou
Thanks to our Webmaster Truz, submitting screnshots to be the KP4EVER Pic Of The Day is a piece of cake! All you need do is click right HERE and follow the easy instructions. You don't even need to know how to format them!!! Just take a peek in your Scrnshot folder and find us a good one. Now start pressing F11 during your games and let's get some POTD going on ok?

"KPF's Map Review Pages UP"
  posted October 8 - 9:45AM EDT by DirtyDog
We have a beta release of a new section called KPF's Map Reviews. We are still in the process of uploading the site to KPF so until then (which will be soon) I've uploaded a link to it's temporary site. So far 4 maps have been reviewed thanks to Pencho complete with screenshots, detailed critiques and links for download. Be on the lookout as there are more to come, check it out from here: KPF's Map Reviews

Anyone interested in having their maps reviewed please email us. Are you an experienced mapper and have an interest in reviewing maps? Send us an email ;)

"ActionQuake2 Map Conversions"
  posted October 8 - 5:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage
For those of you who have played ActionQuake2 you will know that there are many fine maps made for that mod. Many of them have an urban settings and would fit in perfectly with the KP theme. That's why I am surprised more have not been converted to Kingpin so far. However, some AQ2 maps have been converted and we host them here at KP4Ever. There are six that I know of:-

Cliff2 is a conversion of the great Action Quake2 map by Ace 12GA. This is a small/medium sized map which uses the original Quake2 textures. Half the map is on high ground, half the map on low ground. Manuevering the cliffs can be tricky at first but after a while intermediate and advanced players will come up with clever ways of jumping from one place to another. There are numerous ways to get from one side of the map to another although not all are apparent the first few times you play this map. You can grab this map from here

Slave Highway is a conversion by {GT}TheGhost of the Highway through the forest AQ2 map by SlaveZero. This is a map of a highway that goes through a big dark forest. The Kingpin version is a lot darker than the original. It has some great forest sounds such as several different insects, frogs, owls and some nice swamp sounds. You can download this one from here.

Kingpin City is a conversion of The Riddler's excellent map. It's a medium sized urban cityscape map that combines fighting in the streets with some rooftop action. Grab it from here.

Neighborhood originally made by JKL for AQ2. It is a small map set in an urban neighborhood at dusk. One street, five houses and a vacant lot overtaken by bums :)
I always have a lot of fun playing this one. You can download it from here.

There is also a version of this map for the KP2 mod which you can get from here. This is a winter version when it is snowing and the ground is therefore covered in snow. There are many things to blow up and you can get into two of the houses in this version.

ParkGarage is a conversion of Charlie Skuce's map by PigWhistler. It is a map set in and around a multilevel carpark. No cars though :)
Get it from here.

Slumtown is a ocnversion by [YFS]omnI of Acid{UNi}'s map. Its a medium sized urban stlye map that is one of my favourite maps in Kingpin. Its multi level fragging with action taking place in the sewer, at street level and on the rooftops. Add it to you collection by downloading it from here.

Well that's all the ones I am aware of, so if you know of, or have others, please let me know and I will add them to the map archive here and post about them.

Cliff2 and Slave Highway


Kingpin City and Neighborhood


Park Garage and Slumtown

"Insanity Mod Update"
  posted October 7 - 2:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Frost sent word that he has updated his Insanity Mod:-

Just wanted to let you know that I have updated my Insanity 3.0 mod. It has some weapons updates such as the rocket launcher fires 2 rockets simultaneously, & I am working on getting them to home multi targets. Also the grenade launcher fire's 2 grenades that will separate when impacting different surfaces....

As soon as he releases the new client files we will upload them and let you all know :)

"Hitmen2 Mod Becomes Assassin Mod"
  posted October 7 - 1:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
HEXED[A.D.] has updated the Hitmen2 mod and renamed it to Assassin mod.
HEXED says the mod is finished now and has turned out exactly how he wanted it to.

Here are a complete list of features:-
* Increased body armor to 100 units at matchstart & respawn.
* Increased health to 100 units at matchstart & respawn.

* Thug, Runt, & Bitch model support.
* Added new player gibs.
* Enabled Map Voting.
* All props enabled.
* [New Weapons]
-Chromed Super Crowbar
-Desert Eagle - Pistol
-Msg90 - Sniper Rifle with functional scope
-Uzi - Machinegun Type
-Mp5 - Machinegun Type
-Dragunov - Machinegun Type
-Hand Grenade
-C4 Explosive - When armed 5 sec delay
* Chrome Hitmen Style Grappling Hook
* Nightvision - For those dark places in maps
* Scanner - For finding those camping bitches!
* Players Flashlight

You can download the final client files for this mod from our Game Modifications/Assassins download section here.

The server files and source code are not yet available. HEXED has a server that is running this mod and here are the details:-
A.D.''s Assassin Mod IP#

Quake2 Style Armour & Scanner

Btw HEXED is currently working on another mod that should be released shortly and will make a lot of ppl happy I think :)

"New Screenshots for Sanctuary"
  posted October 6 - 6:01AM EDT by DirtyDog
WheelBarroW has just uploaded 7 more screenshots of his latest and by far his largest upcoming single player project, Sanctuary. I've had the opportunity to beta test these levels and I can't wait for the release as it is loads of fun. I've been playing WheelBarroW's single player levels for the last couple of years and a tremendous amt of work went into this last project and it's well worth it. Check out the screenshots by visiting WheelBarrow's SP Player Page

"New Website For TeamHitmen League"
  posted October 5 - 6:11PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Idiot has sent word that there is now a webpage online dedicated to the upcoming TeamHitmen League. The site was biult by FeAr Soul and Idiot is now taking over the maintenance and updating of the site. Keep in mind the site is still under construction but it is functional and will be completed shortly. The URL is www.teamhitmenleague.co.uk .

"New Arsenal Mod Server"
  posted October 4 - 11:25PM EDT by Mr.Damage
A few days ago I posted that I had taken up the offer by TopDawg of running a Kingpin server for $20 CAD a month. The funds transfer has taken place and the server is now up and running :)
I intend to use this server to run a few KP mods that I think are good but are not running anywhere else. The first mod I am running is called Arsenal which is a mod made by the Atrophy Mod Team. Here are the details of the mod from the Atrophy Webpage:-

Arsenal is a conversion of a mod included with Soldier of Fortune, published by Raven. Arsenal is similar to Hitmen in that weapons and ammo is given out by the server. Everyone starts with a flamethrower and works their way down to pistol. Everytime you get a kill with a weapon, it cycles on to the next one until you've been through every weapon. Once you get a kill with a pistol (the last weapon in the cycle), you gain a points bonus and everyone starts again with a flamethrower.

The mod is a serverside mod so you don't need to download any files to be able to play it.
Of course I am running a number of maps on the server, the standard KPDM1-5 and lots of custom maps.
Many of the maps are in these two map packs:-
Detropolis Map Pack
Mr Damage Map Pack

and also the following maps:-
Bodycount Arena
Desolation Beta1
Legoland2 Beta
MJ Arena
Serious Towers
Slumtown Final
SSF MillioPool
UT KP Style
Wild West Beta1

I hope you will give this mod and server a go. I will be rotating some other mods but Arsenal will be running for a week or so.

The details of the server are:-

Mr.Damage Arsenal Server v1.1 IP#

"Another New Map By CAT"
  posted October 4 - 9:46PM EDT by Mr.Damage
CAT has released another DM map called Industrial Circuit. Here are some details about the map from the man himself:-

After finishing my last map, I have been franticly working on the next one. I had a sudden idea and off I went. This map is the final production of this idea I had. The map is called 'Industrial Circuit'. It's small map with an industrial theme. It should handle up to 16 players, it is filled to the brim with weapons and ammo and the R_speeds are reasonable.

There are also many hideout spots for thoses monkey spamming lovers, but beware, keep on your toes as they aren't always the safest spot to camp.

I have to say I fell in love with this map as soon as I loaded it up although I have no idea what a monkey spamming lover is :)
It is similar in style to KPDM2 "Industrial Waste" and I can see this one ending up on many servers very soon. You can download this one from here.

"TopDawg News"
  posted October 4 - 9:17PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Got some news from TopDawg Web & Game Hosting about a recent problem and another offer:-

Topdawg Game web-Hosting , as all are aware was down during the time of the International Comeback to KP Day, this was due to a massive email sent to jam system. This problem has been rectified and I can assure that any wrong doing on servers or to web-sites, will be logged, and the perpetrators dealt with.

Also In the next few months, Topdawg will be offering co-located server's on T1 and dedicated server with 20 gig, possibly 40 gig. We will keep you posted on this and as soon as it's avaliable we will post it here for you. As of right now, the co-located service is avaliable for Canadians in the GTO area.

You can contact the Team at Topdawg by visiting their website.

"More Maps Added To Archives"
  posted October 4 - 9:00PM EDT by Mr.Damage
A few days ago I added four more maps to our Custom Maps Downloads section. These are four maps that are currently rotating on the Insanity Mod server IP#

The maps are -Bloody Tomb4-, TheCell-v24, Cliff2 & Sickness

-Bloody Tomb4- by {GT}Bloody. This is a very dark arena style map. There are a couple of versions of this map but I believe this is the latest. It is a small/medium sized map that is very dark. If you like dark ones this is the map for you. It would be great for the old Midnight Massacre Mod. The zip file is called bloodtomb.zip and you can grab this one from here.

Cliff2 is a conversion of the great Action Quake2 map by Ace 12GA. There is no info on who converted this to map to Kingpin but I believe it was one of the {GT} guys. This is a small/medium sized map which uses the original Quake2 textures. There are a few errors in the console when you load this map but nothing to worry about. Here are some comments on this map by an AQ2 player:-

A small map with good vertical variance. Half the map is on high ground, half the map on low ground. Manuevering the cliffs can be tricky at first but after a while intermediate and advanced players will come up with clever ways of jumping from one place to another. There are numerous ways to get from one side of the map to another although not all are apparent the first few times you play this map.

You can grab this map from here.

Sickness by {GT}Frost is a smallish two room/area map. The main area has many paths to run/jump around on. There are teleports that take you to and from the other room. There are some interesting effects in this map such as an undulating floor and a switch that when pressed kills you lol. The zip file is actually called distrubed.zip and you can grab it from here .

TheCell-v24 by {GT}Frost. This is a multi room map that mixes default, custom and Q2 textures. The main feature of the map is a big lava pool which is surrounded by a heap of weapons and other items. There are also teleports that take you to and from another area. There are several buttons that can be pressed that do various things including one that kills you like in the Sickness map. You can get this one from here.

-Bloody Tomb4 -




"KP2 MOD Update!"
  posted October 4 - 8:18PM EDT by NeWFnlou
I received word from KP2 MOD Coder AB|Fredz that progress is being made in the completion of the new and improved KP2 MOD !!!! In celebration of this fact, AB|Fredz submitted an all new KP2 MOD GIF that is now visible on the front page of the site :) Go take a gander at the man's efforts and stay tuned for more info regarding this project by clicking right HERE!

"Server Hosting Wanted"
  posted October 3 - 10:53PM EDT by DirtyDog
The COH is currently looking for server hosting.

QUOTE: C0H is looking for a new host for our clan server anyone has a good connection and can help out icq lady at 8736424
to talk money and all that good shit ;)

If anybody has a reference for them please ICQ Lady with info

"New Map by Sonik"
  posted October 2 - 9:33PM EDT by DirtyDog
Sonik has released a new DM map entitled Xlab Arena
It's a small map and as the title suggests has a laboratory feel to it. It also has a custom sound so check it out and download from here: Xlab Arena

"Detropolis Server Updated"
  posted October 2 - 4:45PM EDT by Mr.Damage
After participating in the Whoop Ass Maps Weekend Detropolis is now back to rotating many of the latest maps we have posted about here, and a few slightly older ones :)
Remember it best to download the maps form Kingpinforever so you get all he custom skies and sounds and it means you don't have to waste valuable fragging time d/ling from the server.

So grab the maps from here:-
Detropolis Map Pack
SSF MillionPool
MJ Arena
Space Checkmate

and then check out the server here:-
Detropolis Custom Maps Gangbang IP#

"New Map by CAT"
  posted October 1 - 6:34PM EDT by DirtyDog
CAT has just released a DM entitled Neglected Province As he mentioned in yesterday's preview it is a large urban style map loaded with weapons and respawns. This map is very well layed out and is suitable for all DM servers, download from here: Neglected Province

"Revised maps"
  posted October 1 - 1:36PM EDT by DirtyDog
Well after learning a bit about Juniors I've revised two DM maps I made and have added juniors and made some minor lighting revisions. The maps look alot better (to me at least...) and these are the final versions (I swear, really..) It's just after spending so much time on creating them for such a simple revision I couldn't help myself :) You can download them from here City Streets Rev1 and from here NightMareZ Final1.

"Most Wanted Mod"
  posted October 1 - 4:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have just finished uploading the latest version of Chief_SohCahToa's Most Wanted mod.
For those of you who don't know this mod, it's a deathmatch mod with a Bagman flavour. You can get all the details and features of the mod from the man himslef in this forum post here.

Chief is considering updating the mod to use the Monkey Mod code which would be great. If you support this idea and would like to see him do this then go post in the about forum topic.

You can download the mod files (1.1mg) from our downloads/game modifications/mostwanted section here.

The files are zipped so you will need Winzip to unzip them (see previous post for URL of Winzip program).
Double click on the most_wanted.zip file and it will open up a Winzip window. Simply click on the Extract button and extract the files to your Kingpin directory. Because the zip file has paths included all the files will be extracted to the correct folders =)

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