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News Archive for October 2003

"Disabling Windows Messenger Service"
  posted October 31 - 11:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage
This is not Kingpin releated but some of you may find the information useful (or even a godsend like I did).
Recently I started getting these annoying Messenger Service pop-up windows on my screen which I couldn't get rid of. It took me a while but I finally found a page that explained how to disable the Messenger Service. Since then I have found another person, SteelHead[BC] with the same problem and he also didn't know how to get rid of the pop-ups so chances are some of you are, or will, have it as well. If you are running Windows2000, NT or XP then go to this page here and simply follow the instructions and within a few seconds you will have solved the problem.

"New Map By Oracius"
  posted October 31 - 9:43PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Oracius has converted another of the single player Kingpin maps to DM. This time its the map called Steeltown which is steel2.bsp. If you've played the single player you'll know what to expect but if not then it's a large map with an industrial theme setting. It has 12 player spawn points and is good for 4 to 16 players.
Download Steeltown from here.

"Screenshots Of Douglas Joinery DM Map"
  posted October 31 - 8:49PM EDT by Mr.Damage
In early August Izeforeal released his Douglas Joinery Beta1 DM map. This was a beta of a map set in the factory he works in. It's a medium/large map set in the factory, outside and up on the roof.
The map is currently being updated and finalised and should be available very soon. Meanwhile here are some screenshots of the updated map:-

"Japanese Skins Pack"
  posted October 29 - 10:47PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Our very good friend (Inc)PHOENIXsent in a link to a webpage that contains a Japanese skins pack. This pack contains many skins for the bitch, runt and thug models and is an 8mg download. Some are skins that you might already have, but there are many skins with a Japanese theme that I haven't seen before. It's a self extracting file which you should extract to your main\models\actors folder.
However some of the names of the skins have already been used so if you have a big skins collection already I suggest you extract to a temp folder and then copy the skins into your thug, runt & bitch skins folders as some will ask to replace existing skins. This way you can decide whether you keep the existing skin or replace it with the new one.
Download the Japanese Skins pack from here.

You can visit the Japanese webpage by Zazio here. Check out the screenshots section as it has many great Kingpin screenshots :)
It also has a links to several old Japanese KP clans and also one to the famous Gold Japan site home of the series of Play maps. Check that page out here.

"New nVidia Drivers"
  posted October 29 - 10:03PM EDT by Mr.Damage
nVidia have released new Forceware v52.16 video card drivers for users of Windows 2000/XP. These drivers were released on 23th October 2003 and weigh in at 8.7mg. You can download them from the nVidia site here.

"Kingpin In the Press Again!!"
  posted October 27 - 10:11PM EDT by NeWFnlou
Ok Folks, I don't normally purchase magazines off the shelf, but I happened to be in an Airport recently with a few hours to kill and I stumbled upon some "rag" called STUFF GAMER. They have a web addy, and you can check them out HERE.
Anyway, their most recent Edition (which caught my attention) had a blurb on the cover that read - "BANNED! 50 GAMES THAT SHOCKED THE WORLD". So naturally I was intrigued. On page #50, you will find the headline "THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL GAMES EVER". The article goes on to explain that the ranking is a "Who, What, and When - A History Of Nasty" And I quote - "From Pong to Postal, we chart our descent into collective video-game hell"

Now, what game do you suppose ranked lucky #13 on their list of "gems"? YUP! Good old KINGPIN-LIFE OF CRIME!!

On page #78 we find a killa screenshot of some thug's head being blown clean off with a shotty and the following blurb -

"The fuss around Kingpin had less to do with the shooter's violence level than the prevailing cultural climate at the time of its release - mere months after the Columbine shootings. The ads, feauring the slogan "you're gonna die" atop a bloody gunfight, didn't help."

HEHEHE! Well, as P.T. Barnum once said, "ANY publicity is GOOD publicity"

"Detropolis UPDATED mappacks"
  posted October 26 - 2:58AM EDT by DirtyDog
In response to a post in the forum requesting a mappack for the Detropolis Comp mod DM server I have put together a 10 part mappack that contains every map currently listed in the server's maplist as of today. Please note that the included maps and their pertaining files are randomly spread throughout the zips so make sure to download and install ALL 10 to ensure a complete install. For those of you who have always downloaded maps directly from servers this is something you will really enjoy as many of these maps contain custom sounds and skies that do not download thru game servers. In many cases it is the sky or sound that truly sets the mood/theme for the map and this way you will experience each map as the author intended it.

Each zip is appx 14.5 mb, download them from here:

Detropolis Mappack 1
Detropolis Mappack 2
Detropolis Mappack 3
Detropolis Mappack 4
Detropolis Mappack 5
Detropolis Mappack 6
Detropolis Mappack 7
Detropolis Mappack 8
Detropolis Mappack 9
Detropolis Mappack 10

"Screenshots Of New Map By Creamator"
  posted October 26 - 12:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Creamator is working on a new DM map which is a rebuild of a popular Unreal Tournament map called Deck16. As UT uses a different map format, maps can't be converted they have to be built from scratch. It should be available soon. He has sent in some screenshots but keep in mind that he hasn't done the lighting yet so the map will look a lot different when its completed.

"ICQ Sound Schemes - updated"
  posted October 25 - 11:33AM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
After seeing the previous news articles, I did some checking, and they did not have my favorite theme for ICQ.

I have uploaded them all to our site for easy access. The theme I have been using for several years is the "Kingpin_1999.scm" file.

You can find them all here: KP4Ever ICQ Themes

If you have ICQ running, just download them directly and they should be installed.

"Another New CRASH Mod Server"
  posted October 24 - 7:12PM EDT by Mr.Damage
V1.1 has set up a new server running the CRASH Mod.

Server details:-
Name: CRASH beta 0.3 http://gamesly.no-ip.org
Maxclients: 12

Get the CRASH Client files from here.

"Kingpin ICQ Themes"
  posted October 24 - 6:26PM EDT by Mr.Damage
(Inc)PHOENIX has sent in a link to a site that hosts 4 Kingpin ICQ Themes. The female sounds theme looks to be the most popular. So if you use ICQ and you want to replace the default sounds with ones from KP go take a look here.

"Smarties Pipe Skin Added"
  posted October 23 - 7:48PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Thanks to -=< $park >=-, who sent it in, we now have the infamous Smarties pipe skin added to our weapon skins download section.
This is the skin that turns the pipe into a tube of Smarties (that's candy for anyone who doesn't know). It was made by [CGF] Desmo and I have put it in a pak file (pak4) so you don't have to overwrite any files. There is a readme included tht explains how to install it.
Download the Smarties pipe skin from here.

"Modeller Looking For Files"
  posted October 21 - 11:51PM EDT by Mr.Damage
DiRtAyScOtSmAn is looking to convert some more Quake2 models to Kingpin. He hasn't done this for a while and so needed to download all the modelling files again. He has all he needs now except modelfix.md2 and the thug.mdx. If you have these files or know where he can get them then please respond in this forum post here.

UpdateThanks to Zeppelin [FnR] for sending these two files in. I have now added them to our modelling downloads section here.

Btw, for a good tutorial on converting Quake2 models to Kingpin check out the tutorials section over at Sylacs Design.

"Kingpin Source Code Release Request"
  posted October 21 - 9:15PM EDT by Mr.Damage
[JEDI]F*ck U has started a forum thread over at the Inteplay Kingpin Forum requesting that the KP Source code be released. This would allow the KP community to further develop the game. You can add your weight to the argument by clicking here.

And don't forget to check out the request for a KP sequel thread while you are there. To go direct to the KP sequel thread click here.

"New Crash Mod Server"
  posted October 21 - 8:24PM EDT by Mr.Damage
~g0T.Nu$? sent word that he is setting up a new CRASH server:-

Just wanted to let everyone know, that next week (monday 27th.) I'm changing my server "East Coast Playground Comp" into a Crash Server! I really enjoyed the mod alot, and i'm going to host it now, Please download the client files, and join in the server, it's a great mod, and I think everyone will REALLY enjoy it! If you need to contact me heres my info
ICQ: 142667547
AIM: IGotProblems101
Email: Chaosman110@yahoo.com

Grab the CRASH Client files from here.

"New Hitmen Server"
  posted October 21 - 5:04AM EDT by Mr.Damage
SteelHead[BC] has set up a small Hitmen server. Details are:-

Name: [BC]'s GangWars! ~ HitMen MOD
IP Adress:
Maxclients: 8

The server is runnning all small maps which you can download from here:-
Bodycount Arena
HMG Lite
Warehouse of Torment2
Kill Dome
Boring Rev2
4Room Urban
Lil1 v3

"Women's View Of Kingpin"
  posted October 20 - 5:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage
When Kingpin was first released it was reviewed by a Trillian, a woman who contributes to a site dedicated to women gamers called WomenGamers.com. Most of the people I know who play Kingpin are male so it's interesting to see what women think of the game. You can read the review here and check out the related Article Discussion Forum for some interesting views.

"Detropolis Server Maps Updated"
  posted October 19 - 2:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Several new maps have recently been added to the Detropolis Custom Maps server (
You can see a list of the new maps here.
They have all been added to a mappack which you can download from here.
The mappack was put together for the Keypoint KP servers but all these maps are now on the Detropolis server.

"Four More Bagman Maps Added"
  posted October 18 - 2:28AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Four more of the Bagman maps that (Inc)PHOENIX sent in have been added to our map archive. They ae:-

Cliffs of Carnage by Hogie. A very nice looking Bagman map where most of the action takes place around the cliff's edge.
Download Cliffs of Carnage from here

Team Crash (fix) by Knockdown. A large Bagman map where the bases are in train stations with some big, dark open spaces between them.
Download Team Crash (fix) from here

Team Descent 1 by Jaxon. A 2 forts style BM map with the money drop area in an underground cavern.
Download Team Descent 1 from here

The Docks (revised) by =LM=Propane. A large BM map set in a dockland area.
Download The Docks (revised) from here

Cliffs of Carnage

Team Crash (fix)

Team Descent 1

The Docks (revised)

"Game Developer Closes Down"
  posted October 17 - 11:00PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo sent in some interesting news that may be of use to any KP modders/modllers etc:-

Game development company Cat Mother Ltd. (www.catmother.com) has now closed its offices, but in their last meeting the company board decided to publish all company source code as open source. Also large part of the content is published. Published material includes fully playable prototype of a 3rd person action/adventure game and commercial quality in-house 3D-engine (C++/DirectX9). The source code is published under BSD license and the content is published under GPL license. All material can be downloaded from catmother.sourceforge.net.

Check out what's available here.

"Atrophy Mods Source Code Released"
  posted October 17 - 3:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Atrophy have now released the source code for all the mods coded by Rat Instinct in case someone wants to take up the development of these great mods.

Mod source code released includes Arsenal, Botfathers, Botmen, Extreme, Genocide HMG, Killerz, Team Hitmen and The Hook code.

You can download them directly from the Atrophy files page here.

"New Skin For The Male Wolf Model"
  posted October 15 - 6:21AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a new skin for the Male Wolf model called Snow Wolf. It is converted from the Quake2 original which was made by TheDerk.
Download the Snow Wolf skin from here
Download the Male Wolf model from here

"Welcome Back BuBoniC"
  posted October 12 - 8:51PM EDT by DirtyDog
Several days ago I was fragging in Detropolis and ran into an old school pioneer of KP's mapping community, BuBoniC (a.k.a. {420}BuBoniC, {NEW}BuBonic). To welcome him I ran his maps in hopes he would make us all few more ;p. Here are links to his maps:

Blood Bath
Hot Head~Q2 conversion
Mind Shaft

Blood Bath

A Map F*cked By {420}BuBoniC

Hot Head

Mind Shaft

"New DM Map By Cujo"
  posted October 12 - 1:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo has released a new DM map called DM Dualshipping. It's a small DM map converted from SoF. Cujo has doubled the size of the original map.

this is a sof1 base map but it was two small for kingpin.
now this map has 2 bases and a lot of room to frag in.
it nice connected map. have fun :)

Download DM Dualshipping from here.

"DM Jedi Final Released"
  posted October 12 - 12:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Creamator has now released the final version of his DM Jedi DM map.

..all jediknight2 textures & custom sounds with lower than normal gravity to set the mood for a jedi arena style map & now with many more fix`s. After the release of jedi_beta & its great responce a final release had to be done. After playing with textures DirtyDog sent me & tweek`n them a little more I think this map now has that darker/dirty kingpin feel from its beta version.

Download DM Jedi Final from here.

"Mafia Skin Pack"
  posted October 11 - 9:21PM EDT by Mr.Damage
The Mafia Skin Pack is a old pack of two skins for the thug model made by Don Corleone. It contains an Italian Mafia skin and a Russian Mafia skin. The skins were created for a long dead mod called Mafia War but are worth a look.
Download the thug Mafia skin pack from here.

"New Kingpin Forum"
  posted October 10 - 8:27PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Multi Player Zone have set up a new Kingpin forum. They also have new Kingpin servers. You can check out whats happening over at MPZ by clicking here.

"New Bagman Map By Cujo"
  posted October 10 - 7:49PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo has released a new Bagman Map called Team Losthalls. It's a conversion to Bagman of his Deathmatch map DM Losthalls 2.
It's a medium sized Bagman map with a 20 player load. Cujo has totally retextured it with custom ancient temple style textures and has changed the lighting.
Download Team Losthalls from here.

"New Skin For DrFreak Model"
  posted October 8 - 7:52AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a new skin for the Dr Freak model called Dr Devil. It is converted from the Quake2 original which was made by Termite (you can email him here). Its a colourful skin and gives the model a devilish style :)
Download the Dr Devil skin from here.

Download the Dr Freak model from here.

"200,000 Hits"
  posted October 8 - 6:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage
If you scroll down a little and look on the right side of the page you will see we are about to hit 200,00 hits. I would expect it will happen in the next few hours :)
Not bad at all really.
If you happen to be the person who turns the counter over to 200,00 then get a screenshot and send it in and we will make it pic of the day :)

Update Well I thought it was a fun idea but not to worry lol. Anyway, thanks everyone for visiting the site, even you ABC :P

"Two New Bagman Maps By Whoop Ass"
  posted October 8 - 6:51AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has released two new Bagman maps. They are Courtyard Conundrum and Morph Rev.

Courtyard Conundrum is a large urban style map with some nice architecture. It contains jump pads and has some quite detailed areas.
Download Courtyard Conundrum from here.

Morph Rev, as the name suggests, is a revision of the Morph3 map by Morph. It is a medium sized map which utilises the Central Towers sytle textures.
Download Morph Rev from here.

Courtyard Conundrum

Morph Rev

"Fragfest Maps Added To Archive"
  posted October 5 - 5:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Two more DM maps have been added to the map archive. This time it's thanks to Werni who was looking for the maps called Fragfest2 & Fragfest3 by {420}Mayhem. We didn't have them at KP4Ever so I have zipped them up and added them. They are both small maps, with heaps of weapons, Frgafest2 has a trap so be careful, and both are a heap of fun with a few peeps.
Download Fragfest2 from here.
Download Fragfest3 from here.

Fragfest2 & Fragfest3

I don't know if there was ever a Fragfest1 map but if there is, and you have it, please send it in to us so we can also add that one to the archive as well.

"New Map By Oracius"
  posted October 4 - 8:26PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Oracius has submitted his latest Deathmatch Map called Steeltown. This is a good conversion of the Kingpin SP map steel1.bsp. A medium sized, urban style map with ample weapons and other items. It has 12 spawns and good for player load 4 - 16.
Good to see a new map from Oracius :)
Download Steeltown from here.

"Underground Final Released"
  posted October 4 - 2:12AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Creamator has now released the final version of his Underground DM map.
It is a small to medium sized map, with a dark underground feel about it. R_speeds are good, there are ample weapons and other items and Creamator's suggested player load is 3-20.
Download Underground Final from here.

"Navigation Bars Updated"
  posted October 3 - 7:56PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Recently I have been updating the Navigation Bars on the right side of the page. I have deleted several dead links and added several more KP links. I have added a direct link to the Kingpin Demo and the Kingpin Starter Pack.
I also added links to the Filefront and Fileplanet Kingpin files sections, a common problems page, two sites where mappers can download KP prefabs and also a direct links to the Xatrix Texture pack.
Hope you will take the time to visit some of the sites/links that we link to :)

"Screenshots Of New Map By Creamator"
  posted October 3 - 7:42PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Creamator is currently updating his DM map Underground Beta and hopefully he should be releasing the final version over this weekend. Meanwhile, here are some screenshots:-

"DM Map Added To Archive"
  posted October 3 - 7:30PM EDT by Mr.Damage
While checking my maps directory recently I came across on old DM map we used to play on Deefa's Custom Maps server. I don't think I had plaeyed this map for about three years but I remeber we used to have a lot of fun playing it. The map is called DM Nyte and was made by Deefa. It's a medium sized, urban style map with lots of places to frag in. It's not the best map ever but its fun and I like it so I have zipped it up and uplaoded it to kp4ever.
Download DMNyte from here.

"^VaM^'s Kingpin Map Page"
  posted October 3 - 7:08PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Our old friend ^VaM^ sent word that he has put up a kingpin page up on his new website with all his KP maps. It's a repository of his past work in kp. There are several Bagman and Deathmatch maps as well as a Hitmen map there. You can get to the page here.

Screenshot of one of ^VaM^'s maps, KP Streetfight

"Kingpin Desktop Theme"
  posted October 3 - 6:53PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Baraka sent in a link to a Kingpin Desktop Theme that we didn't have here at Kingpinforever. It's hosted at ThemeWorld and this is a direct link to it here.

I also uploaded it to our Downloads/Misc/Desktop Themes section. If you want to grab it, or one of the other Kingpin themes, from there then click here.

"New DM Map"
  posted October 3 - 1:49PM EDT by DirtyDog
I've just completed a DM map that I converted from quake 2 entitled Kingpin Street Brawl. The original was designed by DeLLo for Quake 2. It's a very small map that I gave a full rebuild/retexture/relight as well as add a few additional areas however I kept the layout pretty much as is. This is an interesting map in the sense that the original author used alot of modified Kingpin textures. I replaced whatever textures he used with the actual Kingpin textures and completely removed all traces of Quake 2 as far as textures goes and added my own spin to it. It's a very cool little map and should make for lots fun. Download the map from here: Kingpin Street Brawl. If you would like some info and download on the original click here: Street Brawl by DeLLo

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