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News Archive for October 2004

"Hogie's Haunted Curse Map"
  posted October 29 - 7:26PM EDT by DirtyDog

I wanted to bring this topic back to the top as there was a couple of things I wanted to mention about it.  In addition to the multitude of custom sounds that truly give the map all of it's flavor, the map also uses FOG.  To view this as intended you must make sure you have FOG enabled in your options menu under VIDEO.  Again this effect greatly impacts the experience.  The other point I wanted to mention is that this map contains a very cool cutscene with a floating "ghost thug" that only works in BM Curse Mod so to view it you will have join the server to check it out.  Alot went into this map so make sure you download it and get the most out of it.  Curse: Haunted

"Come Back To Kingpin Weekend"
  posted October 29 - 10:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The 3rd Annual Come Back To Kingpin Weekend is off and running :)
I hope everyone who reads this will jump into the Kingpin servers sometime over the weekend for a few frags. I know people have been spreading the word amongst ex-kpers so we should see some of those guys back for the weekend as well. See you there :)

Keypoint Extreme Late Friday Night

"New Curse/Bagman Map By Hogie"
  posted October 29 - 10:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Curse Haunted B1 by HogieDownload

Hogie has released a beta of a new Curse map in time for Halloween called Curse Haunted B1. This is an eerie BM map set in a large haunted mansion. It uses all custom textures and has some nice features including some cool lightning effects in the sky. It has several ghostly custom sounds, ample weapons and items and should prvoe to be a welcome addition to the Curse servers.

"Xatrix The Reckoning Promo Video"
  posted October 29 - 5:32AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Before Xatrix created Kingpin they worked on a mission pack for Quake2 called The Reckoning. PeNdEjO! found the promo and has sent it in. If you want to see an example of some other work by Xatrix then you can download the promo video from here.

Two DM Maps from The Reckoning Mission Pack have been converted to Kingpin and you can downlaod them from here:-

Munitions Dump converted by DirtyDog
Stomping Grounds converted by -CAT-

Munitions Dump & Stomping Grounds

"Bagman Arena Gate Map"
  posted October 29 - 5:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Bagman Arena Gate by Mr Knoxville & Hypo_v8Download

Knox and Hypo have released a Bagman version of their Quake3 Arena Gate map conversion. It is basically the DM map mirrored and joined at the middle where their are now four statues and the money drop area. No safes just money bags which are located in the giant tongue rooms at the back of both bases :)

"Updated BM Map"
  posted October 26 - 8:55PM EDT by DirtyDog
UPDATE 10/28/04: DreaD has requested that I amend this post to include that this map is actually a remake from a map orginally made by [RnD]MaTriX you can check that one out from here: X Octagon Final

As a request from me DreaD has updated his very popular BM map, Team X Urban to suit the gameplay more popular in the Curse Mod.  The map was updated with the addition of spawn rooms packed with armor and a Curse logo.  Grab the updated version from here: Curse X Urban

Curse X Urban - - by DreaD

Curse X Urban - - by DreaD Curse X Urban

"RiotZ Tournement"
  posted October 26 - 8:08PM EDT by DirtyDog

PaO has just sent word on a RiotZ 2v2 Tourney:

If anyone wants to join the riotz tournament 2v2 please feel free to drop a message at Filth Of Kingpin in this thread: RiotZ 2v2 Tourney

We will be forming teams VIA lottery, so you dont need a team m8 to enter.
it will be held in the east coast playground server, i think.

"Detropolis Server Updated"
  posted October 25 - 8:12AM EDT by Mr.Damage
After running the 'Best Maps of 2000' last weekend Detropolis is now back to running the regular custom maps. Most of the maps currently in rotation are in this mappack here.

The ten most recently added maps are:-

Gothic RevengeTension 2KP Half-Life Arena 3
DM Irid
The Lumber Yard
Final ShowdownNYCDM4:Back AlleyFrag'N'Die 3
Homeless Industrial Fish (revised)

Back Alley & The Lumber Yard

DM Irid & Homeless Industrial Fish

Detropolis Details:-
Server : Detropolis Custom Maps Server
Location : Detroit
Max Players : 16
MonkeyMod : Yes
IP :

I hope to see some of you playing at Detropolis during the 'Come back to KP weekend' next weekend :)

"Kingpin vs Half-Life MP3"
  posted October 25 - 6:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEjO! has sent in one of those fun KP vs H-L mp3's. It has sample sounds from each game to form a fun little story. I have uploaded it to our Miscellaneous/Sounds Downloads Section here.

If you like this one and would like more there is another KP v H-L mp3 hosted at Fileplanet here.

"Model Animation Videos"
  posted October 25 - 5:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEjO! has sent in some model animation videos (possibly they are from Xatrix) of the thug, runt and the dog. These may be of interest for any potential modellers out there :)
They are in AVI format so I think you need to have something like Quicktime Pro or DivX.

Download the Model Animation Videos from our Modelling Downloads Section here.

"Two Quake2 Conversions Added"
  posted October 23 - 1:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Is was just looking through my Kingpin maps folder and found two Q2 conversions that we didn't have at KP4Ever. The maps are Ferret Hole by {GT}TheGhost and Gothic Revenge by Renegade. I have created zips for them both and uploaded them to KP4Ever.

Ferret Hole by {GT}TheGhostDownload

Ferret Hole is a mid sized map, and is a typical Q2 style DM Map. It uses all converted Q2 textures and has ample weapons and items scattered around the map.

Gothic Revenge by RenegadeDownload

Gothic Revenege is another example of a typical Q2 DM map. It is also medium sized, uses all Q2 textures and has loads of weapons and other items. Watch out for the lava near where you get the rocket launcher too :)

Both these maps were originally released in the year 2000 so I have added them to the rotation for the Best Maps of 2000 Weekend at Detropolis.

"Detropolis Best Maps of 2000 Weekend"
  posted October 22 - 8:08PM EDT by Mr.Damage
All this weekend the Detropolis server will be running some of the best maps from the year 2000 so why not drop in for a few kills :)

You can grab the 2000 mappack from here.

Detropolis IP

"Hogie's under CDS"
  posted October 20 - 8:53AM EDT by DirtyDog

Hogie's East Coast Curse BM server is now running under MM's CDS system.  All players will be required to play behind the Monkey Mod client to enter the server.  The server is also set to kick players with a hacked flame.  Make sure your system is updated with the latest monkey mod client and delete whatever modified flame pak files.  As a suggestion to those folks who haven't been running with the client, reinstall the KP 1.21 patch & mmclient, then install the clean models, then the clean flame pack 

A fresh install of all these can't hurt and check out the CURSE mod files we also have:

Curse Client Files

Curse BM Mod



"New BM & CTF Map By Fredz"
  posted October 19 - 5:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Fredz has released a beta of a new map for both Bagman and COLORS CTF play. This one is a smallish map, set on a cargo ship, which uses mainly wood and metal textures. There are caches of armour and mods in the bases and ample weapons and health spread around the map. Be careful though as there is a water trap in the middle of the map at the money drop. No safes just money bags on deck. The CTF version is basically the same with flags in place of money bags and no money drop but the water trap is still in place :)

Download the maps from here:-

Team Flood (beta)
CTF Flood (beta)

Team Flood (beta)

CTF Flood (beta)

"BW-Admin Updated"
  posted October 17 - 4:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEjO! has made an update to the BW-Admin cheat protection utility.
BW-Admin is a transparent DLL that adds to any existing Server MOD: Logged Bot detection and kicking. Rate and 'cl_maxfps' capping. Player IP and NAME banning. Server MOTD and other Admin options. Configurable item/weapon spawning. Reserving nicks to specific IP's. Flood protection and speech filtering for offensive keywords.

The update that PeNdEjO! has made is for Item/Weapon Spawning in Kingpin.
Depending on the value of the 'itemspawns' flag specified in the DLL config file it is possible to disable certain items. The flags for each item are as follows:

# PACK 64

So if you wanted to disable Bazooka and Pack: itemspawns = 8 + 64 = 72
You can download the updated BW-Admin from here.

Just note though that PeNdEjO! points out that this does not work with all mods and may even crash the server.

"Detropolis "Best Maps of '99" Weekend"
  posted October 14 - 5:17PM EDT by Mr.Damage
To get people in the mood for the upcoming 'Come Back to Kingpin Weekend' we will be running some great old maps from the year of 1999 on the Detropolis server this coming weekend. After discussing this with Dantzer the plan is to run maps from 1999 this weekend then run some of the 'Best maps from the year 2000' all next week leading into the 'Come Back Weekend'.
So if you don't have any plans this weekend on Friday or Saturday night then drop in for a few frags on these classic old maps. If you have been spreading the word to ex-kpers about the comeback weekend then let them know that we are running these older maps on Detropolis and hopefully they will also drop in and feel right at home :)

There are mappacks available here:-

1999 mappack
2000 mappack

Server Details:-
Server : Detropolis Server
Location : Detroit
Max Players : 16
MonkeyMod : Yes
IP :

Update 19th October I have put the regular maps back into rotation for this week and then we will be rotating the best maps from 2000 next weekend :)

"Less Than 2 Weeks Til Come Back To Kingpin Weekend 3"
  posted October 13 - 6:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The 3rd Annual Come Back To Kingpin Weekend will soon be upon us and we want as many people as possible to come and play Kingpin over that weekend. We need your help to spread the word to all ex-KP players to come and have a game on Friday the 29th October and Saturday the 30th. So please start spreading the word, post in forums, send news to websites, whatever ways you can think of to spread the word. If you plan on running a server or doing anything special to celebrate the weekend let us know :)

"Pencho Revises Latest DM Map"
  posted October 13 - 6:23AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Homeless Industrial Fish (revised) by PenchoDownload

Pencho has revised his recently released Homeless Industrial Fish DM Map. Changes include:-

  • Fixed HOM error

  • Added more geometry and texture detail

  • Various texture fixes

"Separated @Birth"
  posted October 12 - 6:59PM EDT by DirtyDog
Pao has just submitted news on a thread in the Filth Of Kingpin forums entitled Separated @Birth where they match actual Kingpin player's mugshots with famous celebrities.  It's actually pretty funny so check em out: Separated At Birth...

"New RiotZ Server up"
  posted October 12 - 6:40PM EDT by DirtyDog

Kingpin Forever is proud to host another server, this one being RiotZ.  The server will be running custom maps ONLY and the rounds will be limited to the best 5 out 9 this way you will enjoy a true map rotation :)  I selected a list of maps that are designed with high ceilings, open spaces or both to facilitate the popular rocket jumping.  Any suggestions for additional maps that will suit this is welcome.  Grab the RiotZ client files from here: RiotZ Client Files and grab the current mappack from here: Riotz Mappack.  Server address: KPF's -=RiotZ=-

KPF's  -=RiotZ MOD: Kingpin's Rocket Arena

RiotZ: Kingpin's Rocket Arena

"New KP2 Mod Server up"
  posted October 9 - 4:57PM EDT by DirtyDog

SleepWalker is now running a KP2 Mod server.  The server runs out of California and so far it's pretty smooth.  Jump in for a few frags, here is the addy: SleepWalker's KP2 Mod Server

Make sure you have the necessary client side files for this mod and mappack:

KP2 Client Side Files (these are the latest client files in a self extracting zip file)

KP2 Mappack  (since the mappack there have been a couple of releases that are listed below)

KP2 Urban Pawn Shop & KP2 Sadistic Rage

KP2: A Kingpin Modification

KP2: A Kingpin Modification

Make sure to visit the KP2 Mod Site often for any news and or updates ;)


"PenCHo's Map Weekend Starts"
  posted October 8 - 7:54PM EDT by DirtyDog

Detropolis is set and running a PenCHo's Map Weekend where we are hosting a list of his maps.  PenCHo is a long time mapper and contributor in this community as a DM mapper and jump on in for a frag or two ;)

For the maplist: Pencho Maplist

For the mappack (recommended download as it contains all the updated map versions and levelshots that were missing) Pencho Mappack

Server Address:

"New KP2 Mod Map"
  posted October 7 - 7:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Urban Pawn Shop KP2 Style by Mr DamageDownload

I have converted the Urban Pawn Shop DM Map to the KP2 Mod. The map is a smallish one, converted from SoF originally, with an urban street setting. The map is dominated by a Pawn Shop situated in the centre of the map. The KP2 Mod version has breakable items and doors, one dog guarding the HMG, some single player props such as a headless corps and it has heavy rain falling.

You can also download the DM version of Urban Pawn shop from here.

"Problems With Da PlayGroundZ! Hitmen Server"
  posted October 6 - 9:15AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Looks like no one has been able to connect to our KP4EVER's Da PlayGroundZ! HitMen MOD Server recently due to a problem with the port number it was using. After reporting the problem to Truzenzuzex[BC] he has fixed it in a flash by changing to a new port number.

New Server Details are:-

Server : KP4EVER's Da PlayGroundZ! ~ HitMen MOD
Location : Detroit
Max Players : 16
IP :

If anyone experiences any problems with this server or any of the servers that we host please drop us a line and we will get them sorted out asap.

"[FnR] Back For Come Back To KP Weekend"
  posted October 5 - 6:46AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Good news, Garcia[FnR] will be running a Hitmen server during the 3rd Annual Come Back To Kingpin Weekend-
FnR as usual will be running a Hitman server with mostly FnR made maps.

(Me) Garcia[FnR] will be running the server and the admins will be myself, Elvis[FnR] and Zeppelin[FnR]

Hope to see everyone stopping by the server!


We will post the server details closer to the date :)

"PenCHo's Maps Weekend Mappack"
  posted October 4 - 8:08PM EDT by DirtyDog

I've uploaded the maps that will be running this weekend on Detropolis that will tribute Kingpin's long time mapper, PenCHo.  It's a collection of about 18 of his maps, 3 of which have been updated in the last week or so.  You can download the mappack in full which includes the updated versions (levelshots and all) or you can grab the updates individually if you happen to have all the maps.  Here is the maplist that will be running: Pencho Maplist.  The mappack in full: Pencho Mappack or the three updated maps from here:  KP Half-Life Arena 3, Tension 2 & DM GoBs 2.  I've been fragging on PenCHo's maps since I started playing and I'm looking forward to this weekend :)  I'll be posting another reminder later in the week.


"New DM Map by PenCHo"
  posted October 4 - 7:54PM EDT by DirtyDog

Pencho has just released a new DM map entitled Homeless Industrial Fish that he actually made for Half-Life and has converted to Kingpin.  It's a small map and as the title suggests it's an industrial theme.  A tight little map and perfect for today's smaller KP crowd, check it out: Homeless Industrial Fish

Homeless Industrial Fish - - by PenCHo Homeless Industrial Fish - - by PenCHo

"3rd Annual Come Back To Kingpin Weekend"
  posted October 4 - 1:37AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Yes that's right the 3rd Annual Come Back To Kingpin Weekend is fast approaching. It's a little later this year and will commence on Friday 29th October and run through Saturday 30th.

If you have been visiting this site for the last few years you will know that the Come Back to KP weekend is when we want you all to jump in one of your local servers and start playing as much KP as humanly possible and bring as many people with you as you can :)
It's about bringing players who used to play this great game back for that weekend (and maybe getting them to stay on for a while) but also the opportunity to introduce new players to the game as well.

So start spreading the word now on your ICQ/MSN/Email lists. Contact old teammates, friends, relatives, neighbors, ANYONE who has a copy of KP laying around to come along for a few frags on the Come Back To KP Weekend on 29-30th of October. If you all join in and spread the word who knows how many ppl we can get playing that weekend.

If you know players who haven't played for a while or need to reinstall KP then point them towards the KP starter pack which contains the v1.21 patch and the Monkey Mod client which you can grab from here.

If you want to surprise someone with a copy of KP then check out the Buy Kingpin! page here.

If you plan to run a server that weekend or have any other interesting news about it then just let us know and we'll pass the news on.

It's still a about three weeks away so there is plenty of time to get organised and start spreading the word but what better time than right now :)

"Anthea Custom Player Model"
  posted October 4 - 1:15AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Anthea Custom Player Model by EvilbunnyDownload

After posting about the Kingpin Theme for the Sony T610 phone by Evilbunny I thought it was worth highlighting the model he released some time ago called Anthea. Several years ago EB used to host a site dedicated to modelling in Kingpin. He also released the first custom model which was one of the very few original models released for KP. He is the person who basically got modelling going in this game. Anthea is actually two models as the zip also contains the Leah expansion pack which adds more skins, more heads and several extras such as Raybans & Pink sunnys (both with realtime reflections), Collar for the leather jacket, Chrome Thigh boots (with realtime reflections) and a Bunny costume (ears and tail). Her weapon of choice is an AK47 :)

You can download Anthea from the above link and I have also put together a custom skins pack containing all the known skins for the Anthea/Leah model. You can download the skinpack from here.

"PenCHo's Maps Weekend Update"
  posted October 1 - 10:21PM EDT by DirtyDog
Almost but not quite ready for the PenCHo's Maps Weekend as several maps are being updated for the event but hopefully in a few hours I will have a mappack ready complete with all updates.

*UPDATE* Due to some unexpected real life situations I will have to postpone the PenCHo's Maps Weekend until next weekend. There are still some finishing touches that are being added to the pack but during the week the pack will be posted and by Friday Detropolis will be running all the maps, thank you for your patience :)

"Kingpin Theme For Sony T610 Phone"
  posted October 1 - 10:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Evilbunny sent word that he has created a Kingpin Theme for the Sony Ericsson T610 phone. He also sent some screens which show off several aspects of the theme. If I had one of these phones I'd be grabbing this KP theme :)
You can download the T610 Kp theme from here.

"New DM Map By Cujo"
  posted October 1 - 10:22AM EDT by Mr.Damage

DM Irid by CujoDownload

Cujo has released a new DM Map called DM Irid. This is a small arena style map, set outdoors, with two levels to frag on. There are ample weapons and other items with one HMG and cooling mod in the centre of the top level. There are twelve spawn points, a nice custom sky and Cujo has used mainly custom textures.

"Hogie's Cali Bitch Slappa Back Up"
  posted October 1 - 10:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sleep has sent word that Hogie's Cali Bitch Slappa server is now back up:-

Server Details
Server : Hogie's Cali Bitch slappa
Location : California
Max Players : 20
IP :

That makes a total of three Hogie's servers now running with the other servers being:-

HOGIE's canadian IP
Hogie's East Coast Bitch slappa IP
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