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News Archive for October 2005

"Server For Halloween"
  posted October 30 - 8:38AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have changed one of the KP4Ever servers to run a few 'spooky' maps for the Halloween holiday. Maps with names like cemetary, spooky, hell, crypt, murder, undying & bloodbath sound like they might fit the bill eh :)

The server details are:-

Name KP4Ever's All Hallows Eve Server

You can grab the Halloween mappack from here and see a list of the included maps here.

Murder & Spooky

"Beta Of New Kit Map"
  posted October 27 - 10:42PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Ganja Clan Kitbud Final Beta1 by Ganja *Dope & Ganja *SkunkDownload

This is a beta of a new KIT map (Kingpin Intensive Training) by Ganja *Dope and *Skunk. If you don't know these kind of maps they are like obstacle course maps where you need to BH and do trick jumps etc to progress through the map.

Check out Se0's Kit Server at as I believe it is going to be added there and of course you can see lots of other KIT maps on that server.

We have some of the older KIT maps in our archive here.

"Sonik's Maps Server"
  posted October 26 - 2:23AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have set up a KP4EVER server to run all of Sonik's DM Maps which will rotate them until the weekend.

Sonik has been around in Kingpin since the early days and these 16 maps cover from 1999 up until today. There are early urban style maps, Quake1 and Wolfenstein conversions/rebuilds, the classic skating maps, a concert map, the ever popular Dawgtown and several recent arena style maps.

I have put all the maps into a mappack which you can grab from here.

Details of the server are:-

Name KP4EVER's Sonik's Maps Server

The server is now up so you can check it out and the plan is to have a game there on Wednesday night so why not drop in then for a few maps :)

The House Of Chthon 2002 & KP Wolf

Urban Jungle & Dawgtown

"Hitmen Maps Added"
  posted October 24 - 5:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have added three Hitmen maps to our maps archive.

SK Buds v2 This is a cool conversion of a Quake1 DM Map.

Download SK Buds v2 from here.

Sweating Bullets A map by Sir Bingsalot and Twist.

Download Sweating Bullets from here.

Synge Another fine example of this style of Hitmen map.

Download Synge from here.

SK Buds v2

Sweating Bullets


"Atrophy Webpage Back Up"
  posted October 24 - 2:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just letting everyone know that the Atrophy Webpage is back up. Atrophy were the team responsibile for such mods as Arsenal, Catch the Chicken, Hitmen and Godfathers. Everything is back up and working except for their Forum.
Check out their site here.

"Tracks DM Map Updated"
  posted October 22 - 7:25AM EDT by Mr.Damage
In 2000 [DKC]Angry Beaver released a beta of a map called Tracks-beta. As far as I know it was never taken out of beta and recently I came across the map again and decided to update it.
The map is a smallish DM map set in a train station. The map contains the station building, the platform, some other biuldings, a back courtyard area and an underground passage. It has 10 player spawns and ample weapons and items.

Changes I made is adding more spawn points, changed the lighting and some of the texturing, changed the weapon and item amount and placement, added a passageway between two rooms and fixed a problem with some window textures that 'flickered'.

You can downlaod Tracks from here.

"Two More Cashmoney Maps Added"
  posted October 22 - 1:19AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have added two more maps made by Cashmoney to the maps archive.

Suicide Pit is a small, multi-room and open area map. It has deathtraps, a long fall suicide pit and ample weapons and other items.

Download Suicide Pit from here.

GXBloodshed is a medium sized open style map, which has an unusual layout. There are sniper spots and a large underground tunnel.

Download GXBloodshed from here.

Suicide Pit & GXBloodshed

"Skidrow For Hitmen Map"
  posted October 21 - 4:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Skidrow for Hitmen by CashmoneyDownload

I have added an old Hitmen map to the map archive. This one is a small map, which is part of the Single Player Skidrow map, called Skidrow for Hitmen made by Cashmoney. It also has weapons so can be used in DM as well :)

"Chinatown Brawl DM Map Revised"
  posted October 17 - 5:57PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Chinatown Brawl Revised Download

Dantzer asked me to update the Chinatown Brawl map after playing it recently at Detropolis. It's a good map but had only four spawn points so it badly needed some more.
I added six spawns so the map now has 10. I also added a heap of clip brushes so you no longer get caught on edges and corners. I changed some of the weapon and item placement and numbers and tidied up some of the brushes and texturing.
Chinatown Brawl is a small, claustrophobic map, with a tight layout which was created by Sgt. Pepper and Racer(BSE) back in 1999. It has one main area with a metal tower in the centre, also a sewer and some small areas and corridors connecting to the main area. If you've played KP for a while you will surely know this map :)

"Thanks To All"
  posted October 17 - 5:56PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Thanks to everyone who turned up and played during the Comeback to Kingpin Weekend. It was pretty successful and a lot of KP was played :)

"Jailhouse Frag Map"
  posted October 16 - 8:19AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Jailhouse Frag conv by {GT}KnightDownload

I got an update of an old map from {GT}Knight. This one is a small DM map that Knight converted from the Quake2 Chaos mod called Jailhouse Frag. So it's a small Q2 style map that uses Q3 textures.It has ample weapons and items and a nice tight layout.

"Homer Model Updated"
  posted October 14 - 6:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Knight sent in his pistol fix for the Homer model. So I have made up two new zips for Homer:-

The first is the standard model, with the skins that TiCaL made for it, all the Extras (hats, glasses, cigar, dummy), KP and Q2 weapon support and the pistol fix (when Homer is carrying the pistol you now see the pistol and not the tommy which you saw before).

The second is the same as the first but also includes all the known custom made skins for Homer.

Grab one of the new zips from here:-

Homer Model
Homer with extra skins

"KP4Ever Servers For The 4th Comeback Weekend"
  posted October 13 - 9:37PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have set up a few different servers for the 4TH Annual Comeback to KP Wekend

Classic Bagman This server is running the five standard maps as well as Team Havoc, Team Panic and Crushaville Hotel Hell Revised

Gangbang This server is running the five stndard KPDM maps :)

Da PlayGroundZ Haven't done anything to this server. Its running Hitmen with heaps of maps :)

Detropolis This weekend it's running 25 of the latest custom DM maps and 25 of the most popular maps on the server.
You can download a mappack of the 25 latest maps from here.

Your Mother's Ole Skool Maps Server This is a server
Ox used to run around 1999 - 2000 so we are running it again this weeeknd. It will have heaps of maps from the period 19999 - 2000 running :)

There are also about 25-30 other KP servers running so just find one you like and jump in :)

"Two Hitmen Maps Added"
  posted October 11 - 6:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have added two Hitmen maps to our maps archive:-

Syneh - A small, angular, two level map. Plenty of armour and mods.

Download Syneh from here.

Waterworld by Shaggz - Larger Hitmen map with loads of water. Nice layout and ample armour and mods.

Download Waterworld from here.

Both of these maps are currently in rotation on the UPS Hitmen server (

"Fragfest3 Map Revised"
  posted October 10 - 12:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Fragfest3 revised by Mr DamageDownload

Whilst playing in the Detropolis Custom Maps Server over the weekend the Fragfest3 map started and lots of people instantly lost a frag due to the unable to co-exist message. This occurs because the map doesn't have enough spawn points for all the players to spawn on different ones and hence the unable to co-exist problem.
So I decompiled the map and found it only had five player spawns. I have now taken that number up to thirteen and also did a few other fixes. I changed some of the wall textures, added two billboard signs, removed two of the seven cooling mods (lol) and removed one of the three flamers. I added a backpack, adrenaline and one more tommy.

"Q1DM4 DM Map"
  posted October 10 - 12:23AM EDT by Mr.Damage

The Bad Place (Q1DM4) conv by LugnutDownload

While Looking for some maps in our map archive I came across this Quake1 conversion by Lugnut and discovered that the zip was set up to extract to he Windows Desktop.
I have rezipped the map correctly, updated the readme with installation instructions, added a monkey mod level shot and uploaded the new zipfile.

"More Player Models Added"
  posted October 8 - 8:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Knight has sent in some more of his models he has made for Kingpin.

Models we didnt have.
Female Sydney

Models that were missing some files.

Smiley and Sydney


"4th Annual Come Back To Kingpin Weekend"
  posted October 6 - 8:35PM EDT by Mr.Damage
It's that time of year again, time for the 4th Annual Come Back To Kingpin Weekend. This year the weekend will commence on Friday 14th October and run through til Sunday night.

If you have been coming here for a while you'll know that the Come Back to KP weekend is when we all want as many ex-kpers to come back and jump into the KP servers and start playing as much KP as humanly possible for the weekend.
Of course we want all you guys to be there as wll but it's all about bringing players who used to play this great game back for that weekend (and maybe getting them to stay on for a while).

To be successful, though, we need you guys to start spreading the word now on your ICQ/MSN/Email lists. Contact old teammates, friends, relatives, neighbors, ANYONE who has a copy of KP laying around to come along for a few frags on the Come Back To KP Weekend on 14-16th of October. If you all join in and spread the word who knows how many ppl we can get playing that weekend.
Send a msg to everyone you can think of and tell them to do the same so we get through to as many ex-kpers as possible :)

If you know players who haven't played for a while or need to reinstall KP then point them towards the KP starter pack which contains the v1.21 patch and the Monkey Mod client which you can grab from here.

If you want to surprise someone with a copy of KP then check out the Buy Kingpin! page here.

It's still over a weeke away so there is plenty of time to get organised and start spreading the word but what better time than right now :)

"Mover6 Kingpin Utility"
  posted October 6 - 8:09PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Mover6 Utility by TiCaLDownload

Just a regular reminder for players who download most of their custom maps from the Kingpin servers to download and run the Mover-v6 utility.

Because what happens is this, if you d/l a map while playing the Hitmen mod it puts it into the Hitmen/maps folder. Then if you join another server running a different mod, such as the Extreme mod, but running the same map it will d/l the map again, because it is not in main/maps folder where it should be. Hence you can end up with the same map in several different places and with a larger than necessary Kingpin folder.

If you d/l and run the Mover6 utility by TiCaL it moves all maps, textures, sounds, skins, etc, from your mod folders back to main where they belong in the main folder. The zip includes a Readme with clear instructions on how to run it.

"Several Player Models Added"
  posted October 4 - 11:53PM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Knight has submitted several of the models he has converted to Kingpin and also some others that he has fixed. Here is a complete list of the models added:-

Models we didnt have.
Male VIP
Male Cheetor
Male Knightdog
Male Knight Spider

Models that were missing some files.
Male Hydralisk
Male Jason
Male Hand

Models that Knight has fixed.
Male Lordmaul

Jason and Hand

Hydralisk and Lord Maul

"New DM Map by {GT}Knight"
  posted October 3 - 8:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage

PipeDotComma conv by {GT}KnightDownload

{GT}Knight has converted another of Jester's Quake2 maps. This one is Pipe Dot Comma and is a small to medium sized map which has a sort of gothic feel to it. Knight has done something different with this map and given all the textures a reflective quality. The map uses all custom textures, has a couple of traps and enough weapons and other items.

Stay tuned for more map releases from Knight and also an update for the Hitmen mod which now incorporates all the moneky mod Admin features such as map voting etc.
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