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News Archive for October 2006

"Team Long Live The King Map Updated"
  posted October 31 - 3:49AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Long Live The King v2 by MR.Satan & Mr DamageDownload

There were a couple of minor problems with this map so I have updated it and fixed the problems.
Basically there were a couple of bad spawn points, one or two minor structural issues and I moved a couple of items around and removed a few large health bags.
The updated version is now in rotation on the Fast Cash Bagman Server.

"Detropolis Mappacks"
  posted October 28 - 5:32AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have put together two more mappacks which, along with an existing mappack, contain all the maps currently in rotation on the Detropolis Custom Maps Server. Three mappacks containing over 70 maps weighing in at around 75mg in total.
You can grab the three packs from here:-


"Bits Mappack"
  posted October 25 - 4:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I just sent Bits, an old Kingpin mapper, an email about the Come Back Weekend which started me thinking about all the maps he had made for KP. In his time mapping for KP he made thirteen deathmatch maps which covered several themes but he always used Kingpin textures. A couple of years ago I put them all together into a mappack and because he used standard textures the pack turned out to be only about 5mg.
You can grab the Bits' Mappack from here.

BDM1 & Thrashvill

Moonwalk & Junglerock

"Mapping For The Speedway Mod"
  posted October 24 - 5:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
If anyone feels like creating a racetrack map for the Speedway mod I suggest you read this Speedway mapping info from Chief_SohCahToa here.

There are also two texture paks specifically for the Speedway mod:-

Speedway Textures
Speedway Textures-1

"Comeback To KP Weekend"
  posted October 22 - 6:52AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that next wekeend is the 5th Annual Come Back To Kingpin Weekend.

I have been emailing and messaging a lot of ex-KPers (modders, mappers, players etc). Some of the old email addresses are dead of course but many have gone out and hopefully some of these ex-KPers will come along next weekend.
Hopefull some of you have been spreading the word around as well. If you are helping to spread the word then I suggest you point the old players here where they can get any KP files they might need (the latest patch, client mod files, maps etc).

Here are some helpful links:-

KP Starter Pack
Hogie's Mappack
Curse Client Files
RioTZ Client Files
Hitmen Files

"New Speedway Mod Server"
  posted October 22 - 5:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have set up one of the Kingpinforever servers to run the Speedway Mod.

Speedway is a racing mod where players ride motorcycles and must complete a set amount of laps to win the race, with teamplay the key to winning.

Features of the mod:-

* Speedway uses normal but modified kingpin weapons:
Homing Rocketlauncher
Rear Grenadelauncher
Super Shotgun
Super Pistol
Normal Tommygun
Normal HMG
* Radar for tracking player movement.
* Motorcycle Nitro for boosting your speed.
* Speedometer that tracks your MPH.

Players need client files to play and there is also a mappack available (best to grab both):-
Speedway Client Files
Speedway Mappack

Server Details:-

Hostname : Kingpin Speedway
IP :
Maxclients : 16
Map Timelimit : 10 minutes
Map Laplimit : 10
Map Fraglimit : 30
MM Required : Yes

The Laplimit seems to reset to unlimited after a couple of maps so I will keep an eye on that.
Also the default bind for nitro doesnt seem to work so I just set up a new one (pull down the console and type in bind x nitro, where x is your preferred key).

"New Halloween DM Map"
  posted October 21 - 8:18PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Bloody Pumpkin b2 by SonikDownload

Sonik has released a new deathmatch map ready for Halloween called Bloody Pumpkin. This is a map set inside a pumpkin! It's a small fragfest map which looks like a hella lot of fun. Theres a giant candle in the centre, a smiling face i nthe wall of the pumpkin, spider webs and enough weapons to ensure lots of action. And there is more to this map than meets the eye ;)

I have added this map to the Detropolis Custom Maps Server.

"New Bagman Map"
  posted October 21 - 8:11PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Long Live The King by MR.Satan & Mr DamageDownload

Team Long Live The King is a new Bagman map by MR.Satan and me. It's a small, two forts style, Bagman map with lots of weapons and items. It uses mostly custom textures, has three ways between bases and will be added to the Fast Cash BM Server shortly.

"Another Game Of Hitmen On Sunday Night"
  posted October 20 - 4:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
[LaG]Area has suggested another game on his Hitmen server on this Sunday night 22th October.
It will be about 8.30pm Euro time.
This is basically Sunday morning USA time.

Server details:-

Hostname : |========> HITMEN www.tourneymod.kicks-ass.org/fcm
IP :
Maxclients 33
Location : Germany

Just a reminder that the Tourney Mod v1.2 forces custom models which you can download from the server or grab this model pack from here.

Like last week, [LaG]Area will be in the server on Sunday night from around 8.30pm German time. Check this world clock site to see what time that is where you live - World Clock.
Get in a bit of fragging practice ready for the Come Back to Kingpin weekend :D

A Screenshot from last Sunday's game

"Team Baggy Tower"
  posted October 20 - 2:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Baggy Tower by MillionDownload

Team Baggy Tower is another of the BM Maps that is currently rotating on the Fast Cash Baggy Server. It's a small/medium sized Baggy map, by Million, that is in the style of Central Towers. It has a straight forward layout and plenty of weapons and other items.

"5th Annual Come Back To Kingpin Weekend"
  posted October 16 - 6:54PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Every year around this time we organise an Come Back To KP Weekend. This year the weekend will commence on Friday 27th October and run through til Sunday night 29th October.

This is a weekend when we encourage as many ex-KP players to come and mix it with the current crop of KP fraggers. Basically we try and get as many people (both old, current and new players) playing as we can.

For it to be a total success though, we need you guys to help spread the word to every one on your contact lists and through your email. We want to get in touch with as many ex-players as we can and get them to re-install KP and come back and play. All the admins here will be doing their utmost to spread the word and help make the weekend a success. Maybe even stick around a while after the weekend :)

It's just under two weeks away so there is plenty of time to get organised and start spreading the word but what better time than right now :)

"New Kingpin Server"
  posted October 16 - 10:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sadouk sent word that he is running a new Kingpin server.

The server is located in Stockholm, Sweden. It has been set up to run Deathmatch, Baggy, Realmode etc by using the Elect admin option and changing to whatever mod/map/realmode etc.
The server is a PIII 500 Mhz running Linux at 100 Mb/sec.

Server Details:-

Hostname : Madmans Kingpin (custom & standard maps)
IP :
Maxclients : 8
MM required : Yes

Yes can join via Gamespy or, if you have the KP Plugin, directly from our Active KP Game Servers page.

"Team Slumz Bagman Map"
  posted October 16 - 9:37AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Slumz beta by Whoop AssDownload

Team Slumz beta, another of the Bagman maps running on the Fast Cash Server is a small to medium sized, classic urban styled BM map, which has no grenade launcher and no flamethrower.

"Game Of Hitmen On Sunday Night"
  posted October 14 - 7:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
[LaG]Area has called a game on his Tourney Mod Hitmen server on Sunday night at 8.30pm German time.

Server details:-

Hostname : |========> HITMEN www.tourneymod.kicks-ass.org/fcm
IP :
Maxclients 33
Location : Germany

The Tourney Mod v1.2 forces custom models which you can download from the server or grab this model pack from here.

[LaG]Area will be in the server on Sunday night from around 8.30pm. Check this world clock site to see what time that is where you live - World Clock.

"Ghetto Blues Bagman Map"
  posted October 14 - 7:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Ghetto Blues by DirtyDogDownload

Here is another of the maps runnign on the Fast Cash Bagman Server.
This one is Ghetto Blues by DirtyDog and is a smallish BM map which utilises mainly Max Payne textures. It's urban style and is set at nighttime.
I highly recommend you donwload it from here and not from a BM server as it has a heap of custom textures and the map will be almost over by the time you finish downloading them.

"Southpark Map Revised"
  posted October 14 - 6:51AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Southpark KP ver2 conv by Mr DamageDownload

I have finally gotten around to doing something I have been meaning to do for ages. That is to update and fix the Southark KP deathmatch map.

Basically I have fixed the bad spawn point and one other that was facing in the wrong direction.
With the help of Hypov8 I also amended the lighting slightly.
I did some minor tweaking of weapon/item placement
I made the custom sky downloadable from servers.

So just some minor fixes/tweaks overall but the bad spawn point really needed fixing.

"Team Deja Vu Bagman Map"
  posted October 13 - 3:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Deja Vu by DreadDownload

Here is another of the Bagman maps that are rotating on the Fast Cash BM Server.
Team Deja Vu is by Dread and is a smallish Baggy map with a Central Towers look and feel.

"Friday Night Game At Detropolis Server"
  posted October 12 - 8:03PM EDT by Mr.Damage
If your going to be home this Friday night then come and drop in for some frags at the Detropolis Custom Maps Server.
The IP of Detropolis is but if you just look in GS lite you will see it there.

No set time due to all the different time zones just drop in when your available.

The latest four maps to be added to rotation on the server are:-

Fear Factory beta
Frag'N'Die2 SiN

Most of the maps currently in rotation are in these three mappacks:-

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3

"Team Cottage Bagman Map"
  posted October 12 - 6:21AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Cottage by MillionDownload

I thought I would highlight some of the Bagman maps, rotating on our new Fast Cash BM Server, over the next few days.
Team Brick To Brick beta3 has recently been posted about and this one is Team Cottage, by Million, a smallish sized Baggy map, with a nice urban style, lots of weapons and items and a nice simple layout.

"Runt Model Converted To Quake3"
  posted October 12 - 6:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage
If you have been a frequent visitor here for the last few years you will probably know that the Thug Model was converted to Quake3 some time ago by TiCaL.
Well I was talking to Zeppelin[FNR] the other day and he told me that the Runt has also been converted to Quake3. He hs now sent it in and I have uploaded it to our a Kingpin In Other Games section.

You can download both models directly from here:-

Quake3 Thug
Quake3 Runt

"New Bagman Server"
  posted October 9 - 6:38AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have just set up a new Bagman server which is rotating all small BM maps. There are currently 17 maps which are all the sort of maps where you only need 4-6 people to have a good game.

Details of the server are:-

Hostname : Fast Cash Bagman Server - Small Maps
IP :
Maxclients : 20
Cashlimit : 3000

Hope you can drop in for a few games soon :)

"New Bagman Map by Sonik"
  posted October 8 - 7:31PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Brick To Brick beta by SonikDownload

Here is a great little new Bagman map from Sonik called Team Brick to Brick. It's a small, urban style BM Map with great texturing and lighting. It's a mirrored map with the two bases inside old industrial stlye buildings and two money pits in the centre of the map atop a river of slime (covered by a grating so don't worry).
There are plenty of weapons and other items and you'll only need say six people to have a great time playing this map :)

"KP Included In Extreme Gamers 6 Pack"
  posted October 8 - 1:09AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kingpin is one of six games included in the upcoming Extreme Gamers 6 Pack. This is an Australian release and the pack will include:-

Kingpin: Life of Crime,
MDK 2,
Giants: Citizen Kabuto,
Fallout 2.

It will be released on 15th October 2006 and should be available from any online Aussie games site such as Chaos.com.

"Kingpin Trivia"
  posted October 8 - 12:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are some bits of Kingpin Trivia I just found at the Moby Games site.

  • The full game was given out for free on the December 2001 issue of Gamelive PC, a Spaniard computer game magazine.

  • The majority of this game's boss characters are modelled after various gangster/gangsta/pop culture movie characters. The first boss, The Jesus, screams out lines taken from the character of the same name from The Big Lebowski. Heilman, another boss, sounds EXACTLY like Dr. Strangelove and even screams out such lines as "Mein Fuhrer, I can't walk!". Blunt and Tyrone use various lines from Pulp Fiction, and The Kingpin himself looks like Pulp Fiction's Marsellus Wallace and even uses a good deal of that character's lines.

  • Ryan Feltrin, the AI programmer (also known as "Ridah") is famous for his previous work on Quake / Quake2. He is the creator of the very original QuakeRally for quake and of the infamous Eraser deathmatch bot for Quake2

  • Banned in Germany because of extreme violence and human enemies. As an interesting sidenote, Kingpin was debated heavily in Germany due to a controversial ad Interplay published in all major gaming magazines, depicting a row of bodybags and the cynical line "You can get used to it".

Here is the controversial German Ad:-

"New DM & KP2 Mod Map - Southside"
  posted October 6 - 3:33AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Southside by CujoDownload

Cujo and me have now finished the map we have been working on which is for both DM play and the KP2 Mod. Southside is a small, urban style, map which utilises buildings and other features from some of the single player Kingpin maps redesigned into this DM map. The map is small and most of the action takes place in the street but you can enter one of the building and there are some train carriages you can access as well. There are ample weapons and other items for a map of this size and it has 9 spawn points.

Deathmatch Version

As stated above this map is already ready for KP2 Mod action. It has heavy rain going on, one vicious dog, two lots of rats, exploding doors and boxes and lots of single player props (cig & soda machines, trash cans and some trash on the ground, etc).

KP2 Mod Version

I'll be adding this map to the rotation at the Detropolis Custom Maps Server ready for the weekend :)

"Gangster's Paradise"
  posted October 5 - 6:45AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Phoenix has added a Kingpin Videos section to his Gangster's Paradise site.
Some of the vidoes are the ones we host here but others he searchd the net and found at YouTube.

"People Love Kingpin"
  posted October 5 - 6:33AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Even though Kingpin is in decline and a lot less people play it now than when it wsas in its prime there are still people out there who love the game and are contantly looking for ways to keep the game alive.

Recently Bruiser let me know that there was a post in the Steam forums making a suggestion they add KP. I couldn't find the post but tonight Phoenix sent me the link.

Basically it is a forum post by Beardedman suggesting that Steam add support for Kingpin. Lets not get into a debate about the merits of the post or the possibily of whether Steam would add KP but lets admire the guy for at least having a go ;)

If you want to check out the thread then paste this URL into your browser forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=492256">http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=492256

"Custom Model Pack For Tourney Mod"
  posted October 3 - 10:54PM EDT by Mr.Damage
[Lag]Area has put together a Custom Model Pack primarily for use with the TourneyMod v1.2, which now uses all Custom moodels, but also a good way of grabbing a heap of models in one big zip file.

This is from the readme file:-
This is the custommodel package for the "Force Custom Model" Feature, in short FCM,
which is implemented in the TourneyMod v1.2 and hopefully soon in Fredz Kitmod (KPZ mod).
FCM is a feature which forces a player to use a custommodel. If a player is connecting to a server with a standard model, FCM will randomly choose a custom model for this player.
You can download the Custom Model Pack from here.
Please not that this zip file requires all the files to be extracted to your Kingpin/Main directory.

The Tourney Mod v1.2 with this Custom Model feature enabled is currently running on the following server:-

Hostname : |========> HITMEN www.tourneymod.kicks-ass.org/fcm
IP :
Maxclients : 33

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