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News Archive for October 2007

"Halloween Server Up"
  posted October 31 - 5:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just letting you know that Detropolis is now running the maps for Halloween.

Hostname : Halloween at Detropolis
IP :
Maxclients : 20

You can grab the mappack containing the 13 maps in rotation here.

Happy Fragging =)

"Skins For Halloween"
  posted October 29 - 4:45AM EDT by Mr.Damage
If your planning on dropping in for some fragging on Halloween night at Detropolis why not get right into the theme and wear an appropriate skin (like a zombie or serial killer etc). Here are some suggestions.

Thug Skins
Hannibal Lecter
Undead skin pack
For detaisl of included skins (Jason Voorhees, zombie skin, Undead Fred etc) and for installation instructions click here

Bitch Skins
Zombie Killer Nurse
Killer Bride
Skeleton Bitch

Runt Skins

Custom Models
Male Krafty
Eddie Skin for Krafty
Male DrDeath
Male DrFreak
DrDevil skin for DrFreak
Male Jason
Male TheMask

This is just a very small selection of the 1000's of available skins and models.
If you want to look for others then check them out here:-

"New Xmas DM Map"
  posted October 28 - 12:00AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Merry Christmas 2007 by AB|Jon3s & Mr DamageDownload

Me and AB|Jon3s have collaborated on a new map Xmas themed DM Map called Merry Christmas 2007
It's a small, 2 level, deathmatch map. The top level is Xmas style with Xmas trees, presents and snow on the ground. There are four large rocks in the centre which surround a large hole where you get down to the lower level. There are also stairs down to the lower level at either end of the map. You can climb up on the centre blocks to get armour and weapons.
The lower level is urban stlye. A circular area with lots of weapons and items.
The map contains 12 spawn points and ample weapons and other items.

Update 30th Oct I forgot to mention that this map features snow for those mods that support weather effects.

"Halloween At Detropolis"
  posted October 26 - 8:56PM EDT by Mr.Damage
The 31st October is Halloween and this year we will be celebrating it at the Detropolis Custom Maps Server.
I have selected some maps that are full of crypts and cemetaries, coffins and blood ready for some frightnight fragging :)
Some of the maps contain spooky, eerie custom sounds which really add to the 'scary' atmosphere.
I have created a mappack containing 13 custom maps (I was going to look for more to add but {New}Vitachick reminded me that '13' is a perfect number for a Halloween mappack).

You can download the mappack from here.
You can see a list of al lthe maps included here.

The maps will be in rotation on Detropolis in time for Halloween so hopefully you can drop in for a few treats

"G0^t's New Webpage"
  posted October 24 - 4:23PM EDT by Mr.Damage
G0^t and Fuzz have a new webpage for their Kingpin Xmas Mod server. The Xmas mod server will be online from November 15th.
The site is new so not much there yet but there are Xmas mod screenies, a couple of downloads and a little poll.
You can visit the webpage by clicking here.

Update 27th Oct G0^t has updated his site with a screnie of a new map he is working on, a video showing off some of the features of the Xmas mod and the revised Christmas textures he created.

"Xmas Arena Map Released"
  posted October 23 - 7:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Xmas Arena by AB|Jon3sDownload

AB|Jon3s has finished the revisions he was making to his latest map and has now released it. Xmas Arena is a small, Christmas themed, arena style map. It has plenty of weapons and armour, uses all Christmas themed custom textures and should be a blast with a few ppl. I am sure this will be on Go^t's Xmas server when it start running in November.

"Screenshot Of New Xmas Map"
  posted October 22 - 5:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
AB|Jon3s is working on a new Xmas themed map called Xmas Arena. It's a small arena style map that uses all Xmas custom textures. He is just making a few alterations and then the map should be available in the next day or two. In the meantime here is a screenshot:-

"KingpinQ3 Update"
  posted October 20 - 9:02PM EDT by Mr.Damage
0xA5EA has an update over at the KingpinQ3 webpage. There is news about two new members of the team and also some screenshots of new maps.
You can read all about it by visiting the KingpinQ3 page here.

"Different Versions Of Floating Forts"
  posted October 19 - 9:35PM EDT by Mr.Damage
We have four different versions of Hogie's Floating Forts Bagman map here at KP4Ever.

Floating Forts The original and one of the most well known of all Bagman maps. Basically, a small BM map, featuring two forts floating in space.
Download Floating Forts here.

Floating Forts 2 Ostensively, the same as the original but re-textured to give the map a shimmering, chrome effect (similar to Hypov8's Chrome_v8 map.
Download Floating Forts 2 here.

Floating Forts & Floating Forts2

Floating Forts 2004K A re-textured version of the map with more pathways between bases, ladders to access the roofs and barrels connected by wooden planks in the money drop area between the bases.
Download Floating Forts 2004K here.

Floating Forts 2005 Similar to Floating Forts 2004K but re-textured again and a custom sky added.
Download Floating Forts 2005 here.

2004K & 2005

"New XMAS Themed Maps Needed"
  posted October 17 - 5:51AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Christmas is fast approaching and this year Go^t will be running a Christmas themed DM server. He will be running the existing XMas themed maps but is asking the Kingpin mappers out there if they will create some more for this year:-
With my xmas server coming up in november i would like to add some nice xmas dm maps, i have most of them but it would be nice if some of the GREAT mappers could make some new ones, for textures peeps can mail me
. If you would like to contact Go^t about making a map or to obtain the textures he has then you can email him here.

"Two New 1v1 Maps"
  posted October 12 - 10:06PM EDT by Mr.Damage
AB|Jon3s and AB|Outlaw have both released new 1on1 DM maps.

ABJones_1v1map by AB|Jon3s is a small 1v1 DM map with 2 spawn rooms that contain HMG's, cooling mods and armour. The spawn rooms have doors that open out on to the arena where there is more armour and adrenalines.
You can download this map from here.

AB|Outlaw 1on1 AB|Outlaw is a small circular 1v1 DM map. There are 6 spawn points with a HMG on each player spawn. As well as the 6 HMG's, the arena contains cooling mods, armour and 2 adrenalines.
You can download this map from here.

"Kingpin Legacy Server"
  posted October 12 - 9:53PM EDT by Mr.Damage
You have probably seen this server in Gamespy and you may even have dropped in for a few games. If you haven't, then to update you on what it is, it's one of the KP4Ever servers, it's deathmatch, has been running for a few months, and rotates hundreds of maps dating from the start of Kingpin right up until today.

Recently I audited all the maps in rotation and removed any rogue Bagman, Hitmen, alpha, beta maps that were later replaced by final version, excessively dark or over large maps, and any other maps with problems.

So if you want to see a lot of maps , that probably aren't in rotation on any other server. then why not drop in for a few sessions.

Server details:
Hostname : Kingpin Legacy Server
IP :
Maxclients : 20
CDS client required : Yes

"Alien Abduction DM Map Added"
  posted October 11 - 8:38AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Alien Abduction2 by {420}MayhemDownload

This map is in rotation on our Kingpin Legacy Server but we didn't have it in our downloads section so I have zipped it up and added it.
Alien Abduction2 is a map converted from Quake2 by {420}Mayhem. It is in the classic Q2 style and utilises some nice textures from the VRMachine texture set.
Its a medium sized map and has lots of weapons and items, including 2 HMGs.

"Swoop DM Map Added"
  posted October 9 - 7:44PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Swoop by (K9)IcemanDownload

I have added another map to our downlaods section that {Inc}Phoenix sent me.
This one is a DM map called Swoop. It is a small, colorful, arena style map. It is multi-leveled with walkways connecting all the platforms at different levels. It uses all custom textures, has one of each weapon and heaps of armour and ammo. It has 10 player spawns and a cooling mod located on the highest platform level.

I have added this map to our Kingpin Legacy Server

"Subway Deathmatch Map Uploaded"
  posted October 7 - 9:25AM EDT by Mr.Damage

NYC 2000 by BlackhawkDownload

Here is an old map I don't think I have ever played or even seen before. It's a DM map set in a NYC Subway platform area. It was made by Blackhawk back in 1999. It's a small map and centres around two platforms of the subway and the area on the level above.
It's currently in rotation on our Kingpin Legacy Server so check it out there :)

"House Of Death2 Released"
  posted October 4 - 7:49PM EDT by Mr.Damage

House Of Death2 by SonikDownload

The new Single Player Mappack called House of Death2 created by Sonik is now available.
The mappack contains three SP maps and carries on from House of Death1. The mapping by Sonik is excellent making this one of the best SP packs ever for KP.

There are surprises at every turn (e.g you climb up a ladder and there is a bitch waiting at the top with a flamer ready to fry you good). There are lots of puzzles, mainly in the 'KIT Mod' style (e.g you have to get from one side of a room to the other negotiating your way over planks and ledges etc without falling to your death).
Sometimes you have to go back to places you have already been but Sonik does this very well by opening up new ways to get back there.

I found it hard, but very enjoyable, and ended up playing it on the easy level. I suggest saving often and explore every nook and cranny for health and any items as you will need them! :)

The final battle is a doozy but I wont spoil it by telling you about it ;)

Just extract all files in the zip to your Kingpin folder.
Then to play, start Kingpin, bring down the console, and type "map house_of_death_2" (without the quotes).

I have a forum post about HoD2 where I have posted more screenshots. You can also post any comments or questions aobut the pack there. You can check the post out here.

If you haven't played House of Death1 you can download it from here.

"Two More YouTube KP Videos"
  posted October 4 - 5:48PM EDT by Mr.Damage
{Inc}Phoenix sent in links to two more Kingpin videos at YouTube.
One is a short animated video with lots of profanity and the other is a demo of the Bagman mod.
You can watch them here:-
Kingpin - Crowbar/Dollah
Kingpin Bagman Mod

"New DM Map - Ham'N'Cheez 2007"
  posted October 2 - 11:58PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Ham'N'Cheez 2007 revised by Mr Damage & Hypov8Download

Recently I posted that I was working on revising an old map called HamNCheez. Well It is finally finished and the updated version Ham'N'Cheez 2007 has now been released. The original HamNCheez DM map was created in September of 2001 by an unknown author. It is a small, urban style street map.
The main changes made are:-
Fixed the lighting and made it brighter
Changed some of the weapon/item types, amount and placement
Changed some brushes and texturing
Added some ladders to improve the flow of the map & open up access to rooftops
Reduced rspeeds
Added more player spawns

I would like to thank Hypov8 for his suggestions and help with this map, especially for his work on reducing the rspeeds. It is a much better map for having him work on it :)

If you would like to check out the original Ham'N'Cheez map you can download it from here.

"New Kingpin Video At YouTube"
  posted October 2 - 6:32PM EDT by Mr.Damage
ziegethief sent word that he has created a new short video of Kingpin and his clan Thief and uploaded it to YouTube.
Its called Thief Dancing Lezbo and is a great video.
You can check it out here.

Btw, Thief are recruiting and contact details are at the end of the video :)

"Update - House Of Death2"
  posted October 2 - 7:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I just have just sent an email to Sonik to get one issue resolved with his House of Death2 mappack. Once it's sorted the pack can be released. To comment on HoD2 I would say that if you have liked playing all the existing KP single player mappacks then you are going to love this one.

In the meantime I have posted some screenshots in a forum post here.
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