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News Archive for October 2008

"Blood Of My Blood Kingpin Movie"
  posted October 31 - 7:04AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Meph let me know that Fr0Z3n has created a new Kingpin movie called Blood of my Blood.
This is billed as a frag movie and features 16 or so minutes of top frags from several Bagman maps. It also features a multi song soundtrack and tributes to some fallen comrades at the very end.
You can download the movie from here.

"Mephistopholes Lair DM Map"
  posted October 28 - 5:39AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mephistopholes Lair is a map I converted from Quake2 back in 2006. It was originally created by Monster for Q2. It's a sort of floating in space map, using all custom textures, some custom sounds and also a custom sky. It's got ample weapons and items, several jumppads, deadly slime pools and if your not careful you can fall off the rocky edges ;)
You can download Mephistopholes Lair from here.

"Winchester Riot Shotgun Skin"
  posted October 25 - 8:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As well as creating custom skins for the thug, runt and bitch models, while he was around, DziQ also created a skin for the shotgun called Winchester Riot shotgun.

The skin is in a pak4 file which has been zipped. The zip file is set up so you only have to extract the pak4 file to your kingpin directory and it will place it in your kingpin/main folder where it belongs.
If you already have a pak4 file then extract the new pak4 to a temp folder somewhere, rename it to a number you dont have such as pak2, pak3 etc then copy it to your kingpin/main folder.
You can grab the Winchester Riot shotgun skin from here.

"Shotgun Thug Skin"
  posted October 24 - 6:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Another of the skins made by DziQ was the Shotgun skin for th thug model. The skin has blue pants, a white vest with 2 ammo belts crisscrossed across the body, a green scarf hiding the mouth and a bandaged head.
You can download the Shotgun skin from here.
Just extract all files to your Kingpin folder.
To check if you have already got this skin go to kingpin/main/models/actors/thug and look for head_shg, body_shg and legs_shg.

"Incredible Hulk Thug Skin"
  posted October 23 - 5:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a thug skin of The Incredible Hulk which was made by DziQ some years ago.
You can download it from here.
Just extract all files to your Kingpin folder.
To check if you have already got this skin go to kingpin/main/models/actors/thug and look for head_hul, body_hul and legs_hul.

"Rocket Arena Map"
  posted October 18 - 9:56PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Rocket Arena is a map released by Tilak a few years ago. It's a small, arena style, map but, as the name suggests, the only weapons included are Rocket Launchers. It does also contain some pistol mods, armour and health packs, and of course some amoo for the RL's. There are several jump pads to get you up to the second level walkways as an alternative to using the RL's for rocket jumping up there :)
You can downlaod Rocket Arena from here

"Brute Force DM Map"
  posted October 17 - 9:39PM EDT by Mr.Damage
This is a map by Pencho from back in March 2004.
Brute Force is a large map made in the classic urban style. It is very detailed, has a large outside area as well as many indoor areas to frag in. It's multi levelled and you can fight in severla areas ranging from sewers to rooftops. It has some typical Pencho touches including a nice looking bar area and he even included a few custom textures (especially on the walls in the sewer area).

You can download Brute Force from here.

"Personal Or Clan Skins"
  posted October 17 - 9:25PM EDT by Mr.Damage
If you use a personal skin or have clan skins that you would like us to host here at KP4Ever just send them in.
We will upload them to our servers and also add them to the clan skins download section.
You can send them here.

"Interplay Forum"
  posted October 15 - 2:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Over at the Interplay forums someone asked about a sequel to Kingpin.
The admin from Interplay actually responded and while not much of a response it's better than notihng. You can check out the topic here.

"New Levelshots For Team Maps"
  posted October 11 - 6:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Bagman Map Levelshots by TomahawkDownload

Tomahawk has spent some time and created some levelshots for some of the Bagman map that didn't have them.

For anyone not familiar with Monkey Mod Levelshots:-
If you play on a monkey mod server with Map Voting turned on, when the current map completes you have a chance to vote for the next map to be played. On the Map Voting screen once you have selected a map to vote for if you have the levelshot for that map in your Kingpin folder it will be displayed.

Thanks to Tomahawk we now have more levelshots for some of the maps that needed them.

We also host two other zipfiles full of levelshots, one was put together by AB|Meph who did a lot of work getting the shots and the other was put together by me of existing individual levelshots we were hosting.

You can get the two older Levelshot zipfiles from here:-

Just extract all the files to you kingpin folder.

"Killing Blunt Video"
  posted October 9 - 7:34PM EDT by Mr.Damage
AB|Krash has posted a new video at YouTube of AB|Meph and {New}Shock killing Blunt.
You can watch all the action by clicking here.

We also host a save file, sent in by Method, of him killing Blunt at the end of the single player game.
Remember that cast_whore, named Blunt, who told you, she'll be back for your ass. She isn't immortal, she just has 150000 health, but Kingpin only 1500. So after 1.5 hours I finally wasted her. Here is a screenshot and a save folder with saved files, it'll take you 5 min to kill Blunt, don't forget to use "give all". But it's not gonna stop her from running to the roof.
You can downlaod the zipfile with the saves from here.

"Speedway Mod Video"
  posted October 8 - 6:31PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Meph let me know about a new KP video at YouTube. This one demonstrates the Speedway Mod and runs for 1 minute 25 sconds.

You can check it out here.

Btw, If you are looking for the Speedway files you can get them all from here.

"No Refunds DM Map"
  posted October 6 - 7:23AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a map made by |FMZ|Joplin back in 2002 and revised by DirtyDawg in ealry 2003.
It's a medium sized DM map which is a series of large rooms with some interesting featurs such as fountains, a slime pool, an electric chair, potted plants, stained glass etc. It also includes some custom sounds.
You can download the FNR No Refunds map from here.

"Interplay Forum"
  posted October 3 - 9:17PM EDT by Mr.Damage
As you probably all know by now the Interplay website is back up and running. They have forums there too and in the 'Other Classic Interplay Games' forum there is a thread about Kingpin :)
Hopefully you will all go check it out and even make some posts there to help let Interplay know ppl still play and are passionate about this great game :)

This is a link to the Kingpin forum thread here.
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