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News Archive for October 2013

"Newskool Srvers"
  posted October 27 - 5:23AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just letting you know, in case you already haven't seen them, that there are several new servers up and running.

There are three Newskool servers (TeamDM, DM and Bagman) which have 16 player capacity as well as a DM server in Chicago called Multiplay : : Chicago which has 12 players.

You can check them all out in Gamespy Lite.

Also Captain Death's Capture the flag server is still up and running as is [M]'s Luschen Deathmatch server :)

"Need Support To Get An Aussie KP Server"
  posted October 27 - 5:15AM EDT by Mr.Damage
(YFS)DAGAN has posted in our forum that the guys at Immortal Frag are setting up some servers for classic older games. He suggests anyone who would play on an Aussie server go and post you support in this forum thread here.

If you want to respond to Dagan in the post in our forum it is here.

"Mr Damage Maps Page Updated"
  posted October 14 - 7:02PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have just finished updating my mapping website.
When we moved the Kingpinforever website to Truzenzuzex's home network the backup that was used was from 2010 all the changes that had been made to the site since then were lost. Luckily I had a recent backup of my mapping webpage so I just uploaded it and it is now back up to date.

It now includes all the recent maps I have worked on (a lot of them with the help of Hypov8), a couple of older ones I hadn't added, and also a Mods page for CTF, Power2 etc. I also added a page for the Mr Damage map packs I put together.
There are now ten pages of maps there :)

You can check out Mr Damage Maps here.

By the way we also host the Truzenzuzex's Maps webpage where you can download all the maps he has worked on. Check that one out here.

"Trash Metal 2013 Deathmatch Map"
  posted October 14 - 6:53PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Trash Metal 2013 updated by Hypov8Download

Hypov8 has been updating another of Cujo/Stigma's deathmatch maps. This time it is his DM Trash metal map.
Hypo removed some of the single player entities as there were too many and they were causing some lag in the servers, did some general tidy up and changed some of the lighting.

Trash Metal 2013 is a small DM map set in an old derelict area where there are lots of ruins of old buildings and many crates, barrels and boxes strewn around. There are two corridors that stretch down either side of the map.
The map is set in the evening but there is ample lighting. The map has enough weapons and other items and has some very nice custom wall textures. There are still a few single player props in the map and it also has the raining weather effect included.

"DMTNT 2013 Deathmatch Map"
  posted October 14 - 6:42PM EDT by Mr.Damage
DMTNT_2013 is a map me and Hypov8 released in July. It's an updated version of the old DMTNT map.
The original map was made for the demo and so only had the pistol and shotgun.
There are a few nice structural changes but the main change is that all weapons and other items are now included.

You can download DMTNT_2013 from here.

"-=Decay City 2013 =- DM Map"
  posted October 12 - 11:25PM EDT by Mr.Damage

-=Decay City 2013 =- by Hypov8Download

Hypov8 has now released his updated version of the -=Decay City=- deathmatch map which was originally made by Cujo/Stigma.

He has removed some of the singleplayer props and made a few other minor changes so it will play better in the servers.

"Updated Warez DM Map"
  posted October 12 - 11:13PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Earlier this year, in July, Hypov8 released an updated version of the Warez death match map.

The main change is a complete overhaul of the weapon and item amounts and placement. He also made some minor changes to the layout by adding some conveniently placed boxes and crates to improve the flow of the map.

You can grab Warez 2013 from here.

"Video Review Of Kingpin"
  posted October 12 - 11:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Gggmanlives has posted a new video review of Kingpin at YouTube. It's a good balanced review covering both the positives and negatives.

You can check it out here.

"Thunder Arena 2013 DM Map "
  posted October 12 - 11:04PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Thunder Arena 2013 by Mr Damage & Hypov8Download

This is a small deathmatch map originally converted to KP from Quake3 by Retard Man. The map was never released for some reason. I found it in my maps folder and, with Hypov8's help, fixed a few errors (such as the hmg not showing up in map) and did some other improvements like adding weather effects, cutting down the number of brushes, adding more spawn points etc and finally now releasing it in 2013 :)
Hypov8 also added another cool weather effect but you'll have to download the map to see what it is :P

"Fragtown4 - East L.A. Death Match Map"
  posted October 11 - 8:37PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Fragtown4 - East L.A. KP'ed by Mr DamageDownload

Fragtown4 - East L.A. is a small DM map set in an urban city street scene. It is a conversion of one of the classic Quake Fragtown maps which were a series of levels for Quake deathmatch in a city setting. The original Quake1 map was created by Demolition Man.

You can fight in the streets or kill people from up above on some of the rooftops. There are plenty of weapons and items and 13 player spawns. The map uses mostly standard KP textures with a few custom ones and should be good with 4+ players.

Thanks for the input from Hypov8, and Vita and Shock for the beta testing :)

"New Guides For Steam Version Of Kingpin"
  posted October 11 - 8:24PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Good to see some action in the Steam Kingpin Community Group.
There are several new guides there about setting up Kingpin to get the best visually and also for setting up multiplayer written by Fredz.
Also several guides about setting up High Resolution in the Steam version.
You can check them out here.

"Kingpin Facebook Group"
  posted October 11 - 8:22PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder about the Kingpin Oldies Facebook Group.
More people are joining all the time :)

If you are a user of Facebook and want to join the Kingpin group go here.

"Updated Kingpin Multi Patch Program Utility"
  posted October 11 - 8:19PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Captain Death has released an updated version of his Kingpin Multi Patch Program.
Attached is an updated multi-patcher rar including a new document for Steam users, some instructions text formatting changes, a new video mode, and a correction to the text display of the 44100 KHz audio frequency.

The video mode was requested by Mayhem and is to support 3 monitor / eyefinity multi-monitor spanning. He has confirmed that it works if you have such a video mode set up.
You can download the uptated Patcher Utility from here.

"JumpYard Deathmatch Map"
  posted October 11 - 8:13PM EDT by Mr.Damage
One of the maps that is in rotation on the Luschen Deathmatch server is the conversion of the Quake3 map JumpYard which was done by Stalina back in 2002.

Anyone who has played Quake3 will immediately recognize this this map. It's a small map full of jump pads. Good for a small crowd :)

You can download JumpYard from here.

"Mancers Death Match Map"
  posted October 11 - 8:09PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mancers is a great little DM map which was converted from Duke Nukem 3D by Fredz.

It's a smallish map which has six player spawns and uses a combination of Kingpin and Duke Nukem 3D textures.

You can download Mancers from here.

Fredz used a couple of programs to convert Mancers from Duke Nukem 3D.
The program xtract is the mapping tool and is used to open the grp files in the original game and convert the maps to Quake2 .map format.
The program wart2tga program is used to convert the art files textures to tga format for use in Kingpin.
If anyone is interested in trying these programs out there is a good readme included in the xtract.zip which should help you get started.

You can download the programs from here:-

"New Capture The Flag Map CTF TNT"
  posted October 11 - 8:02PM EDT by Mr.Damage
As we did a Bagman version of the DMTNT 2013 map it was no trouble to then make a CTF version.

Basically it is the same layout as the Bagman map with the CTF Flags replacing the safes, the money drop removed and the standard Blanco textures replaced with the blue CTF versions.
You can download CTF TNT from here.

There is currently one CTF server running - Captain Deaths CTF CV1.1 Server.

If you need the CTF client files you can download them from here.

"New Kingpin No CD Patcher"
  posted October 11 - 7:52PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Captain Death has released another patcher program for Kingpin and this time it's a no CD patch for the disk version of the game.
This program contains 1 patch for the Kingpin - Life of Crime RETAIL executable

No-CD - This patch removes the CD check required to play. You MUST have a legitimately purchased copy of Kingpin - Life of Crime to use this patch.
The zip file also contains instructions on how to actually apply the patch.

You can download CD's No CD patch (lol) from here.

"New Bagman Map Team TNT"
  posted October 11 - 4:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Hypov8 and I have been working on a Bagman version of the DMTNT map we recently updated. Well, after a lot of work, it's finally ready and so we have released Team TNT.

Team TNT is a large sized BM map but the layout is pretty straight forward and the two sides of the map are mirrored.

It's an urban style map with mostly standard KP textures used.
There are plenty of player spawns and enough wepaons and items for a small army lol.

The bases are pretty big areas which are basically the DMTNT map mirrored and a centre, money drop area, added. We did our best to make the centre area fit the theme of the TNT map and overall I think this map has turned out well.

You can download Team TNT from here

"Bridge Of Pain Death Match Map"
  posted October 7 - 7:46PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is another DM map you may have missed.
Bridge of Pain is a DM map created by {GT}Knight way back in 2001. I believe it is a conversion from Quake2.
It's a small map that has two levels which are on and around a large bridge and also the area below it. It uses all custom textures and has teleports on the bottom level witch transport you to the bridge or upper level.
It has plenty of weapons and other items and is a fun map to play.

You can download Bridge of Pain from here.

"Player Limit Increased On Luschen Server"
  posted October 7 - 7:41PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just letting you know that [M] has increased the player limit from six to eight on his Luschen Deathmatch Server :)

Also he is continuing to work on and improve his player stats monitor for his Luschen server.

Some functions are:-
Displays current map and includes a download link for that map
Session start
Total number of deaths since last server restart
Listing of last thirty players to play on server (with display of fragstats if you place mouse over one any of the names)
Last player to connect/disconnect
Top ten players since last server restart with fragstats
You can click on maplist to display current maps in rotation
There is a chat fuction

You can check the player monitor out here.

The top ten maps, by vote, on his server right now are:-

01. 70 votes: dm_village2
02. 31 votes: kp2_omerta
03. 30 votes: kpdm1
04. 27 votes: marics54
05. 18 votes: atomicdm
06. 15 votes: kpdm4
07. 14 votes: fucked
08. 14 votes: San_Pedro
09. 14 votes: kpdm3
10. 11 votes: lgdm3

"Revised Death Match Map"
  posted October 6 - 7:23AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Child Of Street 2013 updated by Mr D and Hypov8Download

One of the maps we used to enjoy playing around 2001 - 2002, and played quite a lot of, was Child of Street by Marcello.
Problem was that it only has three player spawns and no juniors for directional lighting.
When I recently played this map on the Legacy server I thought it would be good to revise it.
I contacted Marcello and he was happy to have his map updated.

Child of Street 2013 is a medium sized DM map, urban style, with several different areas but a fairly tight layout.
It has 12 player spawns, ample weapons and other items and plenty of juniors :)

Thanks to Hypov8 who did a lot of work on this map as well.

"Kingpin In Other Games"
  posted October 6 - 7:18AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Looks like the Kingpin player models have been ported to the Garry's Mod.
You can check them out here.

Just what is Garry's Mod?. Garry's Mod is a physics sandbox. Unlike regular games there aren't any predefined aims or goals. We give you the tools and leave you to play. You spawn objects and weld them together to create your own contraptions - whether that's a car, a rocket, a catapult or something that doesn't have a name...

"Kingpin On Sale At GoG.com"
  posted October 4 - 9:37PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kingpin, along with the 33 other Interplay titles, is 50% off at GOG.com this weekend (until Tuesday, October 8, at 9:59AM GMT).
So if anyone needs a copy of Kingpin for $5.99 US then you can check it out here.

"Update on Captain Death's New Kingpin Engine"
  posted October 4 - 9:32PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Captain Death has posted an update on the sound that will be used in his updated Kingpin engine.
You can check out the news in our forum here.

"Issues With Kingpinforever"
  posted October 4 - 9:29PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just letting you all know that the Kingpinforever network went down a few days ago. It may be technical issues or something else.
Currently Truzenzuzex is running the Kingpinforever website from his home network.
The www.kingpinforever.com URL works but please note that the poisonville.net address doesn’t work.
It is restored from an old backup so about 6 months of news posts are missing. But other than that most things are here. The downloads work and the forum is working. Unfortunately though no KP servers :(
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