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Welcome to my custom maps page for the best FPS game ever made: Kingpin: Life of Crime - On The Street. After five long years, I have finally decided to replace the generic index pages that have been sitting on my trusty web server over at

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the vivacious image (to the left) is how you will normally see me when playing online. She does seem a bit unruly with that crotch grabbing action, prison-styled [BC] skull tattoos and the ammo bandoliers barely covering her supple breasts. The semi-exposed cleavage does help to momentarily distract players on a regular basis, which is all I need to put a bullet in their skull first.

Once upon a time way back in 1999 Kingpin arrived on the gaming scene. It didn't take me long to decide I wanted a hand at making my very own custom multiplayer maps. Playing the stock Kingpin maps (KPDM1 through KPDM5) was getting old, even for the die-hard fraggers. I fired up the KPRadiant map editor in July of 1999 and starting trying to figure out how to make maps.

I can't say I ever truly figured out the modified Quake 2 editor, but I did learn a few tricks here and there. I dabbled in making maps, converting maps from other games, and helping tweak other maps to run better for about three years. As of early 2004 I still have about a dozen maps that never reached a final stage to be released, and I have handed them over to Mr.Damage and DirtyDog to do with as they please; hopefully they can salvage some of my ideas and finish them up.

Working on the [BC]'s Cap-N-Yo-Ass and Kingpin Forever web sites, along with helping run a lot of custom game servers certainly took up more of my time than making maps. Running my own game server, one of the busiest during the peak of Kingpin, was the best way to get maps tested and hear instant feedback. There were very few custom map servers in 1999, so operating my own certainly did the trick. There is still a [BC] Kingpin server running, even five years later, and you will certainly find several of my maps in the rotation list.

Just about every one of my maps was designed for the traditional deathmatch environment, but quite a few were heavily tested under Wolfflow, HitMen, Extreme, Godfathers, Killerz, and Catch-the-Chicken server Modifications. I did dabble in trying to make a few of the maps BagMan compatible, just to learn the KPRadiant features, but I don't think they get much, if any play on the die-hard BagMan servers. Many of my maps utilize custom sounds, new skys, and handmade textures, so be sure to install them properly to get the full experience.

“ I'll be the first one in line to admit that none of my maps are a masterpiece, but they did and still do provide plenty of gaming entertainment. ”
—— Truzenzuzex[BC]

I'll be the first one in line to admit that none of my maps are a masterpiece, but they did and still do provide plenty of gaming entertainment. Several of the maps in my section are clearly listed as being done by Ganthet[BC], which is the pseudoname I used for any map I didn't personally create from scratch. I wish I had more time to continue working on new maps, but that just doesn't seem very likely with work, life, and kids. If I did anything for the map making community I think it was the idea to include my source .MAP files with all of my finished .BSP releases; thankfully quite a few mappers followed my lead and continue to this day. Fortunately even five years later after its original release, there are still several active KP mappers; don't forgot to visit Kingpin Forever to see find their latest map releases.

And without any further delay here is the obligatory listing for all my of custom maps. Please download them, install to the appropriate Kingpin directory, and then go find some friends to frag with online.

A few of my maps have been redone, or completed by more talented mappers. It is nice to know they thought the originals good enough to rework. Here is a list of my “extended family” maps:

I've had the good fortune of working with many talented mappers over the past few years, and they have been nice enough to make maps per my request and/or ideas. Quite of few of these maps may have only been a vague idea, or something we chatted about during an ICQ session. I have listed them here to give them the respect they duly earned:

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