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Walkthru: General Info and Tips

First off, the single player mission of Kingpin is DEFINITELY not the easiest game you'll ever play. Perhaps the biggest difference between KP and many other FPS games out there is that you start off totally beat up, low on health, and with nothing but a puny little pipe to defend yourself. Remember, this ain't "QUAKE 2". You're just a broke "bum" who has been left for dead on the dangerous streets of POISONVILLE. Therefore, in order to really get into this game, you must use your "street smarts" just as much as your "muscle" ........well, at least until such time as your broke ass can afford to buy (or steal) a decent weapon LOL! Anyway, my advice to ANYONE who has never played KP before is simply this - do NOT start off on any "difficulty setting" higher than "medium". Even at this setting, your dumb ass will die quickly if you absorb more than just a couple of bullets. If you are new to the First Person Shooter style of gaming, then go ahead and set the game on "NOVICE". Nobody will ever know and you will live long enough to see the second "cut scene" of the game hehehe.

Secondly, SAVE OFTEN AND REPEATEDLY! If you are like me and you HATE to re-play the same level all the way from the beginning each time you die then SAVE, SAVE, SAVE because you WILL die alot...especially in the early part of the game.

Moving right along, NPC's or Non Player Characters (the people you meet in the game) react to you according to your attitude and the weapon you're holding (if any). Keep this in mind as you play. If you walk around with a weapon out, be prepared to use it. In many situations, it's a good idea to keep your weapon holstered until you know you need it. Some of the NPC's will offer to join you for cash if you talk to them positively. Save your money until you need one to help you in a fight, and be sure to use them as "human shields" wherever necessary (though keeping them alive helps stretch your hard earned dough!) To heal your wounded "hired hand", just point to him and press the negative key (X by default). He'll stay put and heal over time. Talk to everyone who isn't shooting at you. Start nice (positive talk key), but if that gets you nowhere after a few tries, intimidate them with negative talk. The most unlikely characters can provide some great clues or lead you to find secrets if you just talk to them. Sometimes you have to ask more than a couple of times! If they give you any lip, just bust a cap in 'em :) Also remember to "search" all corpses for cash! (crouch + use) I found that almost all the characters have a LEAST a buck on 'em (except for the stew bums :) Cash comes in handy at the Pawn-O-Matic! Don't forget that you can check your notes on the latest plot twists by pressing the right and left bracketkeys ([ and ]). Press ESC to make the translucent notepad disappear again. You don't need to press a key to use "a key". If you have the correct one it will just work and you can open the door. The same is true for some special switches in the game (but not all). If just walking up to something doesn't work, try the activate key (F by default). P.S. - The flame-thrower doesn't make enemies drop their weapons. Unless you cook 'em dead, be prepared for them to start shooting again once the fire is out.

To take out a "boss" more easily, use the flame-thrower to set him on fire. He will always run straight towards you, so quickly change to the HMG or shotgun and give him a blast in the head, then change back to flame-thrower and flame him again to keep him blazing -- repeat until he's crispy! If you do keep him on fire, the boss will never get to shoot at you. Just remember to take out other thugs in the area first so you can work uninterrupted.

And finally, I would like to acknowledge that I am not the "original author" of this walkthrough. I don't know who that is, so here is my apology in advance if the original author does come forward sometime in the future. I DID, however, make some significant additions and edits to the original script, and I used the original source material to re-play the entire game through and take the screenies you see here. If someone out there in "KP Land" feels there are any SERIOUS errors or ommissions - OOOOOOPS!

Please feel free to drop me a line - fnlou@kingpinforever.com, and I'll see what I can do. Enjoy folks and LONG LIVE KINGPIN!

Sincerely, NeWFnlou

Now for the walk through guide:

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