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Skid Row (map name: sr1)

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You find yourself alone and abandoned in a back alley; dumped there by the two thugs that kicked the crap out of you only moments before. You find yourself virtually penniless but you do have a nice lead pipe. Make sure you find the crowbar as soon as possible. Get it and use it instead of the pipe since it is bigger and more fun to crack heads with anyhow.

Use your pipe to smash the boards in the fence behind you (or jump to the open dumpster lid and then over the fence), then walk down the stairs and get the pistol ammo.

Walk down the alley and talk to the homeless dude (positive); he'll offer to sell you a crowbar for a dollar. It's a good deal as the crowbar is much better than the lead pipe, but you'll need some cash first (Remember, you start with $0).

Keep walking until you find Leroy and his bitch. They'll both respond pretty negatively no matter how you talk to them, so kill them and take their dough! (crouch + use over the corpse). Go buy a crowbar from the bum. (If you're really hard-core you can kill the bum and take your dollar back hehehe) At the fork in the alley go right first (left is the warehouse and the guards, right is the punks by the sewer entrance). Wait until the guards are distracted by the game on the radio (when it is loudest) and then run for the second door on the left (Warehouse B). If you were spotted, run and hide -- the guards will come looking with flashlights. Once you are sure the coast is clear, walk through the overhead door (activate to open it), climb the ladder to the platform and find the cash hidden behind a crate.

Open and walk through the next overhead door, climb up the stairs (get the health on the shelves on the left if you need it), and kill the safe guard. Then grab the flashlight (on the cabinet), the bottle of whiskey on the table, and the guard's money (crouch + activate). (You can't open the safe yet, you'll need to trade the whiskey for the safe combination -- the thirsty bum on the street has it!). Smash the box on the floor, then smash the vent behind it, and crawl inside. Keep crawling to the end, and then smash the vent and drop out onto the floor. Open the door to Storeroom A and go inside.

(Keep in mind that the NPC's in Kingpin aren't stupid. If you let the guard get away from you he'll go tell his buddies and suddenly you'll be in a world of shit. If he runs, track him down like the dog he is [the blood trail will help] and finish him off.)

Kill the guard inside, and then stand facing the table and locate the vent duct on the upper right wall by the tower of crates. Look for a small crate with a distinct shadow (and a big M next to a picture of a guy moving a box!) and drag it (hold activate) a few feet around the left edge of the large crate it's sitting beside. Use the small crate to jump on the first tower of crates and then jump across to the tower of crates near the wall and vent. Smash the vent with the pipe or crowbar and crawl inside. When you jump down out of the vent, you'll land on a shelf holding the cylindrical coil thing -- get it (you can trade it for a gun at the Pawn-O-Matic).

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If you fall down before you pick it up, you'll have to go back around again to get back up there! After you get the coil and jump down, don't miss the ammo on the shelf under you. Climb the stairs and exit the warehouse, running by the guards as needed. Go back to the first fork in the alley you came across and go left this time to the Pawn-O-Matic. Activate the speaker by the door, and once you hear the buzz, activate the door to open it and go inside. Trade the coil you just picked up for the pistol.

Click on screenshot for a hi-rez full screen!

Exit the Pawn-O-Matic and hire the thug outside for $10. Now with your gun and your thug you can go take on the guards you ran past before. Better yet, find the thirsty bum and give him the whiskey. He'll give you the safe combination, and then you can go get the cash from the safe and buy some pistol upgrades from the Pawn-O-Matic.

Now go back and take the left fork in the alley (keep your gun holstered as you pass the lady on the street unless you want a fight) to where the thugs are hanging out around the stairway down to the sewers. You and your hired hand (and shiny new pistol) should be able to take these guys out. (P.S. - When you start fighting, your "pal" automatically "gets the hint" and will join in the fight along with ya.

Just be careful to not waste your bullets on him though! Also, your hired henchmen NEVER seem to run out of ammo, so if are low and haven't become best friends with him yet (LOL!), you can "sic" him on them to fight by himself while you take a hike and make a getaway!

Once you do, go downstairs and walk through two doors to the sewer. Or just run past them.

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