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The Depot (map name: ty4)

Overview: move the train cars to get out of the yard and then kill everyone to move on to the next level. Take the stairs on the far right up to the train control booth thing. There are three switches on the panel.

Click on screenshot for a hi-rez full screen!

The leftmost switch moves the near car to the right, revealing a broken switch. Ignore it. The middle switch moves the middle car left, and the rightmost switch moves the farthest car to the left, opening up a tunnel on the far left. Go through that tunnel. Climb the ladder on the train car and walk along the train. Jump off to the crates on the left for some health, and get back on and jump again to the other crates (or move a box) for some shells. Enter either overhead door on the left side of the tunnel and climb the ladder to your immediate left. Activate the switch (the one that works when you try it) and then head back out the way you came in, to the overhead doors on the other side of the tunnel. Here you must kill everyone for the level to end. When it does, you'll see the next cut scene, "The Picnic" (or use map kpcut4 to see it anytime), and then go to the next level.

Radio City Station (map name: rc1)

Hey! You might want to put your gun in the holster -- you're in a subway station! Take the escalator up and talk to the two guys at the top.

Click on screenshot for a hi-rez full screen!

These guys are Patrick and Butch, members of the local gang "The Jokers", and if you want to hire any local muscle (or complete the level), you'll have to pass their little "test", or cheat by using a pistol with a silencer mod attached. Relative to where you were standing when you came up the escalator, your victims are to the right. Both Patrick and Butch appear to be completely incapable of pointing or otherwise indicating where the three freaks you're supposed to crowbar to death are located, but you'll know you're going the right way when you hear one of them yell "Don't forget: No Shooting!"

Click on screenshot for a hi-rez full screen!

Note that a silenced pistol sounds just like a crowbar, so feel free to use your pistol instead of the crowbar if you have the silencer mod installed.

When the Jokers tell you to kill the sewer freaks with only a crowbar, you can do so without taking any damage (even without a silencer) this way: Go through the vent to the area where the freaks are, cross a walkway over a concrete trench type thing, and then turn right. At the end of that hall is a ladder leading down to the aforementioned trench, and when you reach this ladder the sewer freaks will see you and begin to attack, one at a time. Stand or crouch right at the top of the ladder and crowbar the freaks as they try to climb up. They won't be able to touch you and you can just keep whacking them back down as they near the top of the ladder. Cheap, but it works. Here's another, even more hilarious way to off those bums without firing a shot: Run along the pipes in order to get the first goon's attention. He will chase after you. When the freak chases after you, walk along the pipe, through the broken grate (avoid the train), and run up the ladder to the left. This takes some timing to get the weirdo to follow you so that when the train comes by, he gets hit by the train. Do this two more times for the other thugs.

If the next level loads, you went the wrong way. Walk down the stairs and look for a vent at floor level on the third landing from the bottom of the staircase. Smash it open and climb in.

Watch for the train when coming out the other side! It's timed to cream you if you don't wait a second. When you drop out of the vent, ignore the ladder and balcony straight ahead. Instead, run to the left, and to another ladder and balcony on the same side of the tunnel as the vent you came out of. Climb up and go into the tunnel.

Crowbar the three thugs hiding in the sewer down there (don't use any other guns or you'll fail the "test"). To leave, drop down onto the huge pipe that runs horizontally on the wall of the bottom level. Walk along the pipe, through the broken grate (again, avoid the train), and climb the ladder on your immediate right.

Watch out for those annoying rats, then time your jump across the tunnel to the pipes on the other side to avoid becoming a bug on a train's windshield. Smash the vent and climb in. Jump into the water, climb the ladder, and crawl through another vent to drop out back near where the level began. Go left to see Patrick and Butch again), get them to follow you.

Come back to the previous vent and go through the door there to the level. (That's the same door you'd hit if you went left, instead of right, after coming up the escalator at the beginning of this level).

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