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Enter the Dragons (map name: rc2)

Walk out of the station and out onto the street to meet a man in front of you and a few "ladies" behind you. He'll kindly refuse to join you if you talk to him, while the chicks will open fire even if you're nice. Deal with them as you please, then walk to the other side of the city, keeping right, and look for three fire escapes on your right. You can climb the first fire escape and walk across the clothesline to some health on the other, then jump across, or get down and just climb up, to the far fire escape, the one closest to two walls.

Climb on the rail of the fire escape and then jump onto the roof (you can also do a similar climb up to the roof behind you, though it's less obvious). Go down and keep walking along the balcony until you see a gray level on the wall to your left, next to a raised trough like drawbridge thing (has anyone ever seen such a thing on a real building? what's it for?).

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The switch opens the overhead door across the street, which you could get to if the bridge were down (the switch to lower the bridge is on the other side). Walk back to the fire escape to where you climbed onto the roof and go the other way I mentioned. (As you come up the ladder, turn around to face behind you, look to your right and jump up there). Follow the catwalks (and kill everyone) and you'll come across that door you opened and the bridge that you couldn't lower. Now you can lower it, or just go in the over head door to the left. Walk to the end of the bridge and activate the switch on the wall.

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It's a dead end (but the switch just opened the door you need to enter), so head back or jump down to the street, find the newly unlocked overhead door (there's only one), and go inside for the next level.

Streets of Fire (map name: rc3)

Activate the switch to open the overhead door, and then watch the street fighting begin! Take them all out, and be especially careful dealing with the sniper up high on the far right building balcony. Walk to the end of the street, past the newsstand and the overhead door. There's not much to do in Central Square besides shoot out the windows in Hopper's Cafe Bar

Click on screenshot for a hi-rez full screen!

Keep moving toward the end of the street. Make light work of the two thugs and rocket man on the way to the end of the street, and then head into the small door at the end. The chick here will say something about weapons hidden near by, and they're hidden in a little room under the stairs behind her.

Climb up the stairs to the roof. Before going up the billboard ladder, peer over the edge so the thug downstairs sees you. Kill (do not destroy) him when he comes upstairs. He's got $50 on him. Climb up the ladder on the back of the billboard sign, then walk along the sign and jump to the higher roof portion ahead and to the right a bit. Then take a running leap off the roof where the railing is missing and land on the balcony across the street.

Go left on this balcony, then keep walking balconies until you find a big water tower (and some gun fighting action). Jump up on the platform that the water tower is on (no need to try and climb the tower itself), and drop down on the other side, where you'll find a lady guarding a switch. Kill her, then activate it. Cross the bridge and go left (the door to the right leads back to the street by the newsstand). Open the overhead door and watch out for the grenade lobbing lady on the other side. Dispatch her, then walk to the end of the bridge and activate the switch to ride the elevator down and on to the next level.

Skytram Station (map name: rc4)

Head straight into Radio City Bus, Mulber Station, then hang a right and look in the back of the truck for some health and ammo. Head back out from the bus station, pick up the cash from the dumpster, and get ready for a gang fight.

Keep walking into Chinatown (or at least it looks like Chinatown), climb up the first stairs you see and head into the room marked "Keep Out" for a nice cache of armor and ammo. The door is locked, but notice the crack in it, so give it a few shotgun blasts and it's party time!

Climb up some more stairs and walk along the white block halls for a bit. Enter a small door to the right, go around the corner, and then in to the Typhoon Bar (map bar_rc).

Click on screenshot for a hi-rez full screen!

You can't hire any thugs in this bar unless you joined the Joker gang by crowbarring the three guys back on map rc1, but you can go into the doorway, to the right, and buy a SkyTram ticket from the scalper for $50. You need it to get past the steel grate door in the alley. Don't answer the ringing phone if you want to live. (Okay, so save just before you do, just to see it -- I know you can't resist). You can exit the bar from the basement (where there's another goon for you if you're a Joker) P.S. he wouldn't join me :( but I had two dudes already LOL!, Walk right down the street to the alley with the steel gate and the lighted panel.

Click on screenshot for a hi-rez full screen!

If you've got the SkyTram ticket, you can go right in. Walk up past the SkyTram to the other side of the area, jump on the railing, then onto the ledge, and down into the pipe below it.

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