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Crystal Palace West (map name: rcboss2)

Walk straight ahead and wax the dog behind the gate -- they'll be plenty more where he came from. Go to the left and load up, then come back and go right instead. You'll be treated to a short, in-game cut scene here, then you can commence kicking ass on the game's final bosses.

Click on screenshot for a hi-rez full screen!

Bosses? Yep, His and hers, and the thing about the her is: you can't kill her so don't waste your ammo on the chick. You can't take her out,

Click on screenshot for a hi-rez full screen!

and she'll escape via a helicopter. You then go on to become the new Kingpin!

Click on screenshot for a hi-rez full screen!

Voila! Easy Money! Hehehe. Hope you enjoyed! Now that you are done conquering all THOSE thugs, be sure and join the fun in the multi player servers.

Please feel free to drop me a line at fnlou@kingpinforever.com if you have additional details to make this walkthru better and we will get it updated.

And remember to visit http://www.poisonville.NET daily for all the latest news about this awesome game!

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