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The Sewers (map name: sewer)

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Take the right sewer at the fork (the one marked 1) and continue to the next fork. Open the door on the right-hand wall and continue walking until you find the storeroom.

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Kill the guys inside the storeroom and grab the stash: shells, clips, and two medkits. Want something to put those shells in? Drag the crate over by the shelf and jump up to get the shotgun! Exit the storeroom area and head back to the sewer, heading straight when you enter the sewer itself. Take the first right, then a left (down the sewer marked South R14), and then another right. Finally, at the next fork, turn right again, climb the stairs, and open the door for the next cut scene.

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The Super (map name: sr2)

Exit the sewer and take the first right. Keep going to the open street area in front of Jax's Bar. Kill that fool Lenny and take the wristwatch he stole from his landlord! You'll also need to put a cap in his dog, but you can spare his bitch if you want. (P.S. - She'll have something different to say once you've capped her man :) Now back up and enter the door by the "Danger: Guard Dog" sign (up the small stairs), kill the guy there (and his girl) and take the bullets, shells, and health from the shelf on the right. The motorcycle is here, but is not much use without the battery. Head on over to Jax's Bar and pay the damn $10 to get inside. There are two thugs you can hire (now, or save them for later when you really need some backup!)

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The fat guy in the bathroom is (was?) Lenny's landlord and he will trade the storehouse key for that shiny new watch you just swiped off Lenny :). Leave the bar once you get the key (and the thugs, if you want them). To cheat and get the key, type give storeroomkey into the console. (BTW - I find it more fun to ignore Lenny first, go into the bar, hear the story of "Lenny and the eviction", and THEN go back outside and pop a cap in his ass LOL!) Now follow the alley across the street, between the two buildings, back the way you came into the area, keeping right. If you need some health, look in the dumpster you pass. Hang a left and look for the Roof Access door. You'll have a bit of a scuffle inside, then climb the stairs up to Level 4. Walk across the plank bridge and move the crate on the other side so you can jump from it to the air conditioner above the doorway. Up there you'll find $25 and some health, along with a crate you can smash to get some shells. Now jump down and enter the door underneath the air conditioner. Take two rights and enter the door you run into. Inside, the door to the left is locked, but you should have the storeroom key now, so just go through the door straight ahead. Snag the goods, then climb up the crates and smash the vent. Crawl inside and continue until you find another vent. Remember that rats love vents and they WILL bit your ass so keep moving! Get ready to bust a cap in the three guys from the cut scene at the beginning of this level as soon as you open this vent.

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Exit this room by the door, then walk along the hallway to the last room on the right. Go inside and pop a cap in the guy you find there and then steal the $100 he has hidden in his fridge. (Gives new meaning to the phrase "cold hard cash" hehe) Leave the apartment taking the second left, then go to the last door on the right. After smashing through the boards with your crowbar or pipe, go through the exit and down the stairs. Take a right and continue down the street, through a door, and to the next intersection. Which will take you to the next level.

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