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Poisonville and Louie's Errand (map name: pv_h and pv_1)

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The plot for this level goes like this: Inside the Club Swank (map bar_pv) in downtown Poisonville, you find Louie, who happens to be in charge of all the muscle in town - (except for two expert safe openers with slightly different styles: "Fingers" the safe-cracker (on the left in the bar), and "Buster" the demolition's expert (in the rightcorner of the bar).

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Louie will offer you a key to Nikki's Production Facility (and the okay to take over his muscle), if you get his papers from the safe. You can either type give safe_docs into the console or do the following to get them yourself without cheating: Get the key to the electric room from the office, turn off the power, bring either safe cracker to the safe, then point to the safe cracker and press Q (command). Now point to the safe and press F (activate). He'll do his thing and you can open the safe normally, (P.S. - Kill him if you want too and take your money back :) Now, here's how to get to the safe starting from the top of the elevator which is down the little tunnel with the two guys guarding it across from Louie's warehouse - (P.S. -Be sure to kill everyone on the way, because you'll have to bring a stupid safecracker back down with you the next time, in the dark and new thugs will be there no matter what you do!). To make matters worse, you've only got two safe openers! Let them both die (Buster is tougher), and you'll get to see the cut scene "idiot" and the game ends. (Wanna see it? Type map idiot into the console). Anyway, back to the safe, from the elevator,

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Go: Up the stairs, then past the ladder and the closed door (goodies to be had in both, though), through the open doorway. Open the door, go down and around on the stairs, then a small stairway up, and through another door. Don't climb the ladder, just walk around the barrels, and through the sliding doors to the outside. Cross the courtyard area and enter similar sliding doors on the other side (there's armor on a crate to your right as you enter). Go through the open doorway, up the stairs, and in the open doorway on your right. Open the door at the end of the hall and go outside, by the power generator (down the stairs). Keep left, and go through the concrete pillars, around the stacks of barrels, up the stairs, and through the open doorway. Climb another set of stairs, open a door, and then another door (on the right). Voila!

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The key to the electric room (for shutting off the power) and the safe itself (which you can't get to until the power is off). Hope you paid attention cuz you're going to have to do that again, in the dark, facing all new opposition, all while fighting to keep your safe opener alive! But before you do that, however, you need to find the door to the electric room and turn off the power.

From the office with the safe and key, go back the way you came (follow the above list in reverse), up to the outside area with the big power generator. Climb the stairs across from the power generator, and enter the closed door to your left as you go up. Climb the ladder, then go open the electric room door. Climb down the stairs and activate the switch to turn off the power (which de-electrifies the gate in front of the safe).

Now you're all set to open the safe. Go to the bar and hire Fingers the safecracker (instead of Buster, the safe blower). Fingers (the $200 guy) is the better buy if you can afford it because he not only opens safes, but locked doors as well. (You know that "Keep Out" door? Fingers can open it; Buster can't) Inside, you'll find armor and $150. So, with Fingers you pay a new $50 to get the safe open (same as Buster charges) and get free armor thrown in to boot :) Bring Fingers (or Buster if you just can't scrounge the cash) back to the safe (use the directions above if you get lost), point to him and press Q (command), then point to the safe and press F (activate). (P.S. - sometimes these dudes can be pretty dense. I hired "Buster" and I had to command him 5 times before his dumb ass lobbed a grenade and yelled "SHE'S SET TO BLOW" hehehe)

Take the papers back to Louie in Club Swank. He'll give you the key to the Production Facility and the okay to hire as many of his thugs as you like. Go ahead, stock up on henchmen! Use the key to open the door by the loading area (guarded by the three thugs) and exit the level. Or, open the first Maintenance door you see coming down from Club Swank. Inside there's a boarded window you can smash. Do so, climb out on the pipe and up to some nice flame-thrower gas, then drop to the lower pipe and climb up the ledge, in the window, and take on the three punks from a different angle. Still looking for the flame-thrower? Look around the entrance to Nikki's warehouse for a room with three exits: two doors and a ladder to a room in the roof. Climb the ladder, then smash the grate and climb into the roof of the warehouse.

Once outside, jump across to the other warehouse roof and walk to the boarded window. Remember to smash through and open any crates throughout this level to find extra supplies.

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