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Lizzie's Problem (map name: sy_h)

OK, get a key from a guy in a bar bathroom, get another key from a corpse wearing concrete shoes, find a boat upon which another corpse (Lizzie's) rests, and take her severed head back to her ex-boyfriend (a.k.a. BigWillie) who will give you yet another key, and follow you to seek revenge for Lizzie! The first key is in the pocket of a corpse wearing concrete shoes at the bottom of all that water.

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You'll either have to swim through several pipes to move from area to area to find him (make sure you come up for air!) or just jump into the drink near the Bar where you found Willy. When you find the corpse at the bottom,whack him with your crowbar until he surrenders the key - it's the shop key (item shop_key) for the Bait shop across the street from the bar. Talk to Popeye and do as he says (go to the Salty Dog bar, map bar_pv).

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But first you need to load up on supplies! Go through the door and past the locked door to Storeroom B. Go up the stairs and into Storeroom A for some goodies, then shoot the barrel to blow a hole in the floor and allow you access to Storeroom B below for more stuff.

Now go back up by Storeroom A, pass it, walk down the hall to the left. Stop in the Shipwright's room if you need a pistol or a clip. The next door leads to a balcony, another door, a hallway, and then a balcony where the three stooges are hanging out. You can intimidate the first one, Moe, into backing down (use negative talk), then watch his buds Larry and Curly kill him for being a wimp. Larry and Curly won't back down -- you'll have to kill them to get into the next door, and don't forget to take Moe's $10. The hall to the right leads to a locked door that you'll go to end this level once you have Willie with you.

For now, go left and up the ladder to the pawn shop (straight, if you need it), then left to the bar. In the Salty Dog bar, go into the bathroom (again?:) and talk to Willie and his two thugs. He'll give you the warehouse key (item warehouse_key) so you can go find Lizzie (at least most of her).

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Go back to the start of the level, past the first door, and into the locked warehouse doors (big sliding doors) now that you have the key from Willie. Kill the three thugs inside and climb up the stairs to the office if you need health, armor, or gas for your flame-thrower. There's also some cash behind the desk.

Go through the next two sets of warehouse doors and kill the two thugs by the boat. Get Lizzie's severed head from the boat deck, and the shells and health from the little structure on the boat.

Go back to the Salty Dog bar and show Lizzie's severed head to Willie. He'll be very unhappy, and he and his bud will now follow you to seek revenge. Now that you have the shipyard key, you can open the locked door on the way to the bar (on the right). Snag the grenade launcher and then head out the door in the rear. This leads to the next level.

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