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Steel Town (map name: steel1, steel2, steel3)

Talk to the bartender in the bar (The Boiler Room, map: bar_st)

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to hear about the latest plot twist (your mission for this map). The story is that the bartender's brother is being held prisoner at the steel mill. Bring him back (dead or alive works out the same), and you get a key to move on to the next level. Before you leave the Boiler Room bar, be sure to talk to "Momo", the funniest bar doorman in the whole game. Stroll all the way to the other side of the map and find the only unlocked door there is (at this point) -- it's marked "Moker's Steel".

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This door will take you to the next map, "Steel Mill" (map steel2). The only tricky part about the Steel Mill is jumping across the vat of lava (after you raise it by activating the tiny red switch on the platform beside it).

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Keeping alive isn't easy, but at least it's straightforward :) On the next map, "Steel Processing" (map steel3), there's no tricky part, unless you already forgot what you learned when you came across the vat on the last level. That's right, there's a little red switch that rotates the hanging concrete plank above the flatbed trailer. Fight your way to the back of Steel Processing and look for the character who is NOT holding a gun. He's David. If you don't want the headache of baby sitting this guy (you can't go on to the next level until he's dead or in the Boiler Room bar), you can pop a cap in him now and head back to the bar. If you can keep him alive, however, you'll find that he's pretty handy with locks, and can get you to the armor in the basement of the Pawn-O-Matic and the machine gun in the locked storage room.

Once David is dead or safely with you, the bartender will give you a key (item office_key). You can tell David and your other gang member to wait outside the bar while you go in (point to him and hit the negative key). You can get the key from David's sister, (the bartender) and then pick up David again on the way out (point to him and press the positive key). After you get the office key from the bartender, go to the office, then go downstairs. Blow up the barrels in the next room to lower the walkway, then climb on up and out to Moker's Shipping, and the next level.

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